New level 1

Just a note to say that I think that the new Level one challenges are so infinitely better than the old course 1. Any chance that you’ve thought of a similar French course Aran? Having done a fair bit of Russian and German in the past I somehow have managed to push french into the background so the thought of a french course as good as the new level one would be irresistible.


Thanks for your kind words, Trevor, really appreciate them :sunny:

We’re working on a course creation tool at the moment - it’s a complicated process, but we’re getting fairly close to being able to generate scripts, which will be a big step forward. I’ll be disappointed if we don’t have a Level 1 course available for French before the end of this year :sunny:

Brilliant! Some years ago when working in Germany I asked a German friend to listen to and comment on/criticize a recording I’d made speaking German she started to laugh. Quite disconcerting really but she explained that she was laughing because rather than sounding like an Englishman speaking German, I sounded like a well educated Frenchman speaking German. So hey ho maybe I’ll get a head start!?! Looking forward to the possibility that you mention. Keep up the brilliant work.



My better half and I always count it as a point of honour when we are taken as something other than English when we are abroad. :slight_smile:

(Of course it helped when I dispensed with the brolly and bowler hat…)