New format

Using the new format, how do I control a session, with pausing, going back to repeat a section, or to check what I think I’ve just heard, moving through to pick up where I’ve left off, and anything else I can’t think of right now?

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Yes. My thoughts also. I often have to rewind to hear something a second time or if I get interrupted. I also like to see where I’m up to and how much is left which doesn’t happen on the new format.

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Then simply download the sessions and you’ll have the whole control. I think on the site directly only pause button is possible but not mooving forth/back except you’re using app on the phone/tablet. There that is possible though.

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I’ve just finished lesson 16 of new level 2,but i can’t find the box to show that i’ve completed it.
Diolch Dale


Sorry. On new design it isn’t such box unfortunately.

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We’ve talked about adding player controls, and it’s not impossible - but at the same time, if you’re going to be repeating like that, it’s extra strain on our hosting - whereas if you download and play the lessons on your own device, you can play them as many times as you like without any extra pressure on us - so we’re generally pretty keen for you to download rather than stream, at the moment… :sunny:

Having said that, if enough people want to repeat a lot while streaming, we could re-think (and maybe run some tests to see how much extra it would cost for us).

As for the ‘done this lesson’ boxes - we’re going to be adding some new pre/post lesson support in the not-too-distant future (maybe a couple of months from now) - at which stage we’ll be trying to get a good intuitive flow working for what lessons you’ve done - but no, they’re not there just for the time being… :sunny:

While you’re at it, could you make clear on Levels that at 5, 10, 15etc., which download is the Challenge and which is the Listening Practice? When I first saw two arrows and two downloads, I was totally bemused, but then I am a silly hen ferch!

@henddraig it says all clearly!

on PC

on Android app

on Android test app

So everything is here everywhere.

I can’t test iApp though. :slight_smile: because I don’t use iGears.

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Grovel! Grovel! Can’t find a pic of crawling apology!
I went to check Challenge 15 and fled back to say, “Sorry, you’ve done it!”. and you answered before I got here!!
I was delayed by need to tell it north or south!
I still think it’s a teeny bit confusing for newcomers to see Challenges listed, but not lessons, then to get Course 1 and have to click on that again on next screen to get further!!

Just wanted to mention that (although I know there’s still some development to be done), the new format looks lovely! I’m sure a lot of work went into it, and I wanted to let everyone at SSiW know that their efforts are much appreciated. :sunny:


Thank you very much, Margaret! That’s really kind of you, and means a lot to us… :sunny:

Thanks for sharing your concerns - we’re always looking at ways to improve navigation/usability, so ti’s always a real help hearing what people aren’t sure about. :sunny:

I didnt realise it costs money to replay while streaming. I don’t want to cost more for you so I’ll download. How do I do that with iPad. I don’t have a computer. I like the appearance, by the way. Well done.

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Don’t worry about it, Lynne - on an individual basis, it’s negligible - it’s just something we need to keep half-an-eye on when we’re thinking about overall design choices… :sunny:

I’ve never used an iPad - it sounds as though it might be a bit fiddly - there’s a discussion here on the Apple forums about using Dropbox:

But if that turns into too much of a headache, don’t worry about it - and maybe getting the app would help with the controls?

I believe in apps - regardless i or Android, there are controls in both. I’m using Android and there surely are. You can go to whatever section of the lesson and re-listen and when you finish it also gives you the exact date when you’ve listened to lesson the last time so you never get confused whether did you make a lesson or not.

But with iThingys, I’m not sure. I’m only aware that they are bit different then on Android. However these controls should almost certainly be inbuilt.

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Help! It may be a glitch, but I’ve got SSi top left, nothing else until the magnifying glass, three white lines and my pic logo. No Challenges, no Forum, nothing!!
edit : @tatjana I tried making my view much wider and got everything back except the bit for recent watched topics which is still ‘under’ my pic!! Hope this is helpful info!!

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Same here - I just type it into the address bar at the moment

Or click here

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Go here for some details … I’ve posted some observations. If you’re on the forum you don’t need to type anything. Search and 3 stripes are prefectly enough. 3 stripes (hamburger menu) gives you all you need. Tap/click it and you’ll get everything. I’m actually puzzled you don’t ge tthe firt forum page though, where everything is no the plate anyway.

I’ll have some work to update all instructions though as there are some quite significent (design and utility) differences which can comfuse users. But give me some time please.


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Quick question about the new format - are we planning to add the transcripts of the listening practices onto their pages or are they already somewhere else that I haven’t seen? I can’t seem to find them.

I’ve searched for them too but I didn’t find them and I don’t know if there’s any plans to put them back somewhere. I would have nothing against if they re-appear somewhere in not so far future. :slight_smile:

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I agree. I liked listening through without seeing them for the first time, but then I’d read the transcript to see what I’d missed so that I could try to catch those sentences/phrases the next time I listened.

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