New course1 listening practice

having finished course3 (original course) I decided to follow the new course1. However the listening practice comes over garbled on both my laptop and tablet. Anyone else had this problem?
No probs with the challenges which are great.

I’ve no idea; the listening practices have all worked fine for me (which is precisely no help, I know :frowning: ). I do know that the later practices are at double speed (once you get used to it, it makes listening at normal speed much easier). Maybe the practices need re-downloading?

@Brian: What does the one that comes with lesson 5 sound like?
That’s at normal speed, so if it sounds garbled to you, there must have been some problem with the downloading or something

Listening practice with challenge 5 fine. However the listening practice with challenge 25 is garbled but twice as fast as you say. How odd

Are you sure that it is both twice as fast AND garbled? It is supposed to be twice as fast, but that is intentional.

Hi Brian! If the first listening practice is fine, but the rest are double speed and sound a bit garbled, it may be that there is no problem at all with the download.

It sounds like nonsense, but we have done some experiments that show that listening to Welsh at double speed actually makes it far easier to understand Welsh at normal speed. The speeding up is causing a little bit of distortion, but the voices are totally understandable once you’ve got used to them.

Does that sound like what you are hearing?

For fun, I’ve been speeding up the actual lessons, although only by 1.5 (+50% in Audacity “Change Tempo” terms) and they are very understandable (even the southern ones :smile: ).

Of course, for those of us who have done the old course 1, much of the material is already familiar, if presented in a slightly different way. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend speeding up the lessons to the complete beginner, at least, not first time around. :smile:

Thanks for your help. I downloaded the listening practice with challenge 25 today. I normally stream the listening practice. However it made no difference the whole thing is garbled.
Still doing daily practice for the old course level 2 no probs. Must be a peculiarity my end.

S’mae Brian,

Is the music at the beginning and end of the file also garbled? I just downloaded and streamed the practices, and they are fine for me - music at normal speed, speech at double speed. PM me you email address and I will get copies of the files to you that I know are in good shape.