New Course Level1, lesson 3 or 4, Southern "about a month"

I’m really a learner of the northern courses, but I’ve been listening to some of the southern ones for fun and to widen my listening comprehension.

Whereas in the northern course, we learn “…am tua mis” for “about a month”, Iestyn and Cat are saying something that sounds to my cotton-wool ears like “am bydu mis” or “am bidi mis”.

I can’t find anything relevant like that in dictionaries though.

What am I (not) hearing?

Diolch o flaen llaw

Your hearing is fine.

This thread covers the matter-


Don’t know if there is a way to link to individual posts on this new site, but Iestyn’s post on that thread, seventh one down, last from one to the end answers your query.

Diolch yn fawr iawn i ti Owain. mae’n defnyddiol iawn.