National Anthem Download

I’m after a (safe) download of the national anthem to help me practice on my phone please, if anyone can point.


For my rehersal I’ve used this one.

But it’s true you have to put your headphones on but this is (for me) the most clearly sang I could find about 2 years ago …

It’s actually the whole poem sang not just the first part usually sang as an Anthem so you can learn the whole poem/song if you want. :slight_smile:


Thanks Aran. I did find all the videos, but particularly wanted a soundfile so I can edit.

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Thanks Tatjana. I did find all the videos, but particularly wanted a soundfile so I can edit.

Plenty of ways to extract YouTube stuff as mp3s…

This any good?

There are several mp3s there. I’ve only listened to the “full track” on, but it sounds rather nice.

(Found some on Soundcloud also, but downloading from Soundcloud seems more difficult these days).

Edit: @Calculad - There are some mp3s here, also:

I suspect only one or two of them will be suitable for what you need, but try them and see.

Edit: also here:

(last track).


Yah @aran … but shhhh … this is illegal. :slight_smile:

@Calculad in case you didn’t notice … I’ve sent you a pm with all you need.

Tatjana :slight_smile:

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It’s a grey-ish area - the tools themselves usually aren’t illegal, but use of copyrighted material is of course a different matter.

Many thanks for the links. I’m making good progress with the learning now

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@mikeellwood on the last two links, when clicking “Download” button I’m getting something about Auto Insurance and the songs are not downloading. Does anyone else got this and how it’s possible to get around this.

@Calculad where did you load the song from (if not from what I’ve sent you). Well I’m looking for another song though but it’s not on the first link and on the both last two I can’t download anything at all.

Ha mar mynnowgh y dhyski yn Kernewek (and if you want to learn it in Cornish)… :grinning:

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I’ll see you that and raise you this: