Nadolig/Christmas S4C

Looking at S4Cs Christmas fayre it looks a lot better than the masses of repeats their showing in England.


Wouldn’t have said no to a “Rownd a Rownd” Nadolig special, but I suppose you can’t have everything. Sparks are flying there, as it is…

I read or heard the other day that ‘festive’ television in England is comprised of 63% repeats. A quick glance at the Radio Times suggests that this is about right. I think Christmas will be spent armed with a bottle of something and the radio this year.

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The biggest repeat of all is the annual whining of the press about the Christmas television schedules.

Considering that (seemingly) the majority of commercial digital channels such as Dave, More4, and all of the UKTV channels are set up specifically to show repeats on a loop, it comes across as rather odd that the press are trying to tell us that there’s no demand for stuff we’ve seen before.

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Cefn Gwlad last night was an absolute joy…say no more just look it up for yourselves. Da iawn, Dai, Nadolig Llawen a mwynhau beth gwneud ti.