My Lesson Plan

I have finally committed myself to completing Level 1 Spanish. I have decided to structure my learning as follows.

Lessons 1 – 2
Lesson 3
Lessons 4- 5
Lesson 6
Review Lessons 4 - 5
Lessons 7 – 8
Lesson 9
Lessons 10 – 11
Lesson 12
Review Lessons 11 -12
Lessons 13 – 14
Lesson 15
Lessons 16 – 17
Lesson 18
Review Lessons 17 -18
Lesson 19 -20
Lesson 21
Lessons 22 - 23
Lesson 24 - 25
Review Lessons 5, 10
Review Lessons 15, 20
Review Lesson 25

At the end of each Lesson(s) covered for the day I do a post on my progress.

Day 1
Yo termine lecciónes uno y dos .Voy a tartar de hablar espanol todos los dias. Manana leccion tres.

That looks like a very neat and tidy structure - I’ll look forward to hearing how it goes for you :sunny:

He comenzado hablar un poco mas espanol hoy. Hay mas complicado palabras aprender en lecccion tres. Necesito usar el botón de pausa mas.

Producing that much when you’re only on session 3?! You’re doing superbly :sunny:

Top tip here - try to use it as little as possible - the less you use it, the less you’ll need to use it, the sooner you’ll progress through the sessions. People who start out learning in a car (when they can’t use the pause button) end up virtually never needing to use it. Just remember that it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes or can’t get everything out in time, as long as you try to answer… :sunny:

Hola. Muchas gracias por la sugerencia sobre el boton de pausa. Termine la leccion cuatro y cinco. Encontre la leccion cinco un poco mas facil que la leccion cuatro. Me gustaría practicar hablar y escriber con alguien. Hasta la próxima.

De nada, y enhorabuena - claro que haces muy bien :sunny:

I’ve heard good things about iTalki for finding practice partners - at the moment, we don’t have the numbers here to be able to do a very good job of putting people in touch with other learners, although we are hoping to be able to do more of that in due course - and, of course, we don’t really focus much on writing (my own written Spanish would probably give you all sorts of bad habits!)…:wink:

How have you been learning before SaySomethinginSpanish? You’ve obviously done quite a bit previously :sunny:

I have purchased a number of programmes over a period of time – Rosetta Stone, Fluenz, Rocket Spanish, Learning Spanish Like Crazy, Michel Thomas, Paul Noble, Synergy Spanish and Assimil. Out of these programmes I have completed the first level of Pimsleur Spanish, Learning Spanish Like Crazy, Rosetta Stone and Rocket Spanish. I have also completed Synergy Spanish and Paul Noble. Despite all my purchases I am not conversational in Spanish although I could survive in a Spanish speaking country. I really like your approach and am hopeful that your course will take me to that next level. It is definitely challenging me.

Now that’s what I call an experienced learner! :sunny:

I must admit, I’m a little surprised to hear that Level 1 is challenging you after all that (especially after doing Michel Thomas, Synergy Spanish and Paul Noble) - we don’t cover more actual ground than they do, but perhaps we’re mixing it up more challengingly (which research suggests should have benefits). I’d love to pick your brains about the differences when you’ve finished going through our stuff - before reading your last post, I’d have predicted that someone with as much experience as you would need to get firmly into Level 2 before being really stretched…

I think you’ll find the listening exercises a helpful gear change, too - that may be a significant part of why you don’t yet feel that you’re conversational - so I’ll be really interested in hearing what you think of them, especially once you get to the accelerated ones :sunny:

Once you’ve finished Level 1, let me know - I think we could offer you Level 2 as a gift, to make up for all the other courses you’ve paid for without getting the results you’re after.

Gracias por la respuesta. Una vez he completado el nivel uno voy a hacer el nivel dos. Tengo comprado las trece sesiones. Hoy complete lección seis y la sesion de revisión. Leccion seis fue más fácil de la leccion anterior porque yo estaba mas familiarisado con algunos de vocabulario.

I think you’re looking for ‘He comprado’ here - you’ve bought them already, right? Well, let me know when you’ve got to the end of them, and we’ll comp you the rest of L2 as it comes online… :sunny:

Revisado leccions cuatro y cinco. Yo no utilisar el boton de pausa. Durante el dia estoy trate de recordar palabras aprendidas. Me duele la cabeza de ejercitarse de alta intensidad.

Muy bien - eso hace una gran diferencia.

Y eso no me sorpresa! Pero vale la pena…:wink:

Si. No usando el boton de pausa hace una gran diferencia.

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You might also find that going the whole way through to 25 and only then revisiting (say) 10, 15 and 20 would speed things up a bit… :sunny:

Llevo aprendiendo espanol con con SaySomethinginSpanish por hace aproximadamente seis dias. Mi espanol ha mejorado mucho. Ahora he completado ocho lecciones. Gracias por la sugerencia. Voy a intentarlo.

Hablas tan bien! Enhorabuena! :star2:

Hello - I have a Spanish friend in Madrid who likes to improve her English. She may be able to work with you on Skype. For example, you could arrange to talk Spanish to her for 15 minutes and then do the next 15 minutes in English so she also gets a chance to improve.

Her contact details are: laura Asenjo Marin

Her first name is Laura.

If you like the idea and want to try it out, just send me a message and I will email her in advance to let her know you will be contacting her first by email to arrange times to talk on Skype.


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Hi Justin, I really like your idea. My email address is Cheers, Robert.

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Hoy complete lección nueve. He descubierto el aprendizaje es muy difícil cuando estás cansado y que lo que usted come también tiene un efecto. Manana es un nuevo día.

Yes, that’s always true - being tired makes learning more difficult - but don’t automatically feel that you need to repeat the sessions that felt tougher - sometimes, it turns out they’ve gone in well even though you felt bad about it. Worth carrying on and then revisiting a bit later on… :sunny: