My goodness! My husband speaks Welsh! :)

Well, jsut thought I have to write this here as obviously we have (at least one) secret learner on board. - haha! :slight_smile:

My husband never showed particular interest in learning any language what even Welsh. He always says I’m a bit out of my mind (he’s joking of course) that I learn a language which I’ll never actually get a chance to use or I’ll use it maybe once in 100 years. He even doesn’t speak English too good but he can understand prety much more then he can say.

However today when we had coffee I was literally almost thrown off my feet as I brought coffee to the table and sat next to him. Usually coffee time is half of social, half of computering time at our home and as I sat and we did our daily basis “work” on computers, talking along with that he made a sip of a coffee and said (with no warning :slight_smile: ) “Mmmm, Hoffi coffi!”.
Despite he really surprised me with that I had immediate answer to that: “Oooo, ti’n siarad Cymraeg!?” I’ve said.
He laughed as that he’d know to say much more then that and replied (in Slovene though): “Well in this year or two as I’m listening to you talking I should get something out of it, shouldn’t I?”

Now I really wonder whether he’s better Welsh learner then I am. Yah, he doesn’t moan and cause problems, he’s just quiet and listens … Secret tallent obviously … :slight_smile:

Sooooo … yah, my Welsh conversation already at home can’t be only “Bore da. Sut ywt ti?” but much more. :slight_smile:


now that is impressive, and he’s obviously chosen the Southern course.

Hehe. I did and he’s just listening daily to my “babbling” and obviously remembers more then I do. He doesn’t do any lessons though what stroke me with even more impression and surprise. Or does he? … :slight_smile: He’s alone at home in the mornings every second week sooooo … and my computer doesn’t have any passwords to log in. - :slight_smile: :sunny:

You’d better be careful, your status as best Welsh speaker in Slovenia is at serious risk now.


HAHA! What i’d give to be thrown off this throne! I can imagine us two talking in Welsh and our son just puzzled stearing at us saying: “What are you two talking now …?”

This should really be something.

However I’m holding the throne of best Welsh speaker in Slovenia tight for now, no worries! I’ve written an article on our largest interactive network of national Television but no one said they learn Welsh. One even replied to me I’m definatelly alone there. So my search is in vain. :slight_smile:

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I have a similar story - perhaps a bit in reverse. I started learning Welsh on SSiW just before this last Christmas with the thought of surprising my wife Eirwen who is a native Welsh speaker.

The result was quite unexpected. Eirwen was more than a little angry with me. It’s all SSiW’s fault for doing such a good job. Instead of appearing like the novice that I was Eirwen accused me of being able to speak Welsh for years and keeping it a secret!!


O joj … (would say here in Slovenia). I hope she doesn’t hold grudges on you even now. She should be happy instead! Well, I hope she is now after such long time of learning ((well 3 months is quite a perioude).

To be honest: I didn’t expect such a story … :sunny: This is somewhat unique.

Hmmm … it looks like my husband didn’t stop learning yet. Maybe @margaretnock’s visit put some fire into the process. Besides “Paid cysgu” thingy explained in the A visit from Cymru thread and “Hoffi Coffi” he concored a new word “ta-ta”!

Well, yes, he left home to pick our son at school and befote he left home he said this sort of bye-bye you can hear on Radio Cymru many times … Obviously he listens carefully when radio is on or when I’m listening/learning something. Who knows … maybe he secretly listens to more stuff Cymraig then I do. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Have you tried addressing him as “cariad” and watched his reaction? :slight_smile:

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Actually … not … good idea. I should try this one. :slight_smile: