Mwy pronunciation

Is there a general rule when the pronunciation of mwy is softened? I have completed Challenge 4 and notice this is the case after mae gyda fi…


Hi @philip-davies-1

Some softenings occur after certain words eg. am, or hen, meaning old…there is also a general rule that if anything ends up right next to subject of a sentence eg I, you, he, she, it, the dog, the man on the phone - then this causes a softening…

In the sentence: Mae gyda fi fwy…I have more… - this is the case - ‘mwy’ is directly after ‘fi’, meaning ‘I’.

Hopefully that is clear - as it’s not the easiest thing to explain - let me know…

…but I wouldn’t worry about it because it all sorts itself as you work through the course…

Rich :slight_smile:


Also it’s fwy when it’s an adverb, i.e. meaning more in the sense of ‘to a greater extent’.

Dw i’n leicio Cernyweg, ond dw i’n leicio Llydaweg fwy
I like Cornish, but I like Breton more


My suggestion would be not to worry about it. I found that after a while I got a pretty good feel for when softening should happen, even if I don’t fully understand why.