Moving towards a Kickstarter for the dragon app

So, if you’ve seen the thread about our idea for an app that can teach kids Welsh by getting them to train a dragon using Welsh… here: Our shot at helping NAFOW *and* breaking the Million Speakers target

Then you’ll know that we’ll need to seed fund an initial demo that works with a couple of words by raising some cash - we’re looking at Kickstarter, and trying to raise about £3k.

One of the things that everyone says is a key deciding factor in Kickstarter campaigns is the range, creativity and value of the rewards that are offered - all the way from $1 up to $10,000.

So - without thinking of any price points for them just yet - what sort of things could we offer that would be interesting/fun/valuable for supporters, but wouldn’t actually cost us too high a percentage of the reward price?

So far, I’ve got:

Screensaver pictures of the first draft of the dragon
A video of the animator at work
A limited edition postcard with the first draft dragon on it
A limited edition T-shirt with the first draft dragon on it
The chance to see the prototype before anyone else
A poem or short story of your choice recorded for you by Catrin
Your favourite song turned into an SSiW lesson or two
Your favourite song (from a particular artist) turned into an SSiW lesson or two and recorded by the artist
A meal out with Catrin and me
A meal out with Iestyn and Cat
The chance to go for a meal out with some Welsh celebrities
One day’s intensive coaching with Dee
One day’s intensive coaching with me (which I otherwise don’t really do any more)
A place on a Bootcamp in Tresaith
A week’s intensive Welsh in Nant Gwrtheyrn with a meal out with Catrin and me on the last night
A week’s intensive Welsh in Nant Gwrtheyrn run by me (again, don’t really do this myself any more)
The chance to name the first draft dragon, and record her voice (with coaching from Catrin) on location in Portmeirion (with two or three nights accommodation for two and return flights thrown in) - yup, that would have to be the $10k option, I think!

Any other ideas? Things that you’d like? Or rewards that you could throw into the pot?.. :slight_smile:

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@Deborah-SSi - if you get the chance next week… :slight_smile:

Is this a sort of brainstorming about all possible rewards, or you’re planning to offer them all? :dizzy_face:

It’s quite useful to analyze and compare previous campaigns of similar “products”, and helps finding inspiration and avoiding mistakes.
Guess what? I have a ready spreadsheet for it! :wink::rofl:
(to be honest, I got the idea from someone else, this time!)

The first bit, definitely! :smiley:

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Uh I love the rewards with food and songs! :slight_smile:

Since this is mostly meant for kids…maybe a toy dragon who looks like the one in the app?
A short illustrated book matching the story or characters in the app?

This is in the US/Canada section. All event/in person/live rewards are meant in Wales? maybe one in the USA or Canada ?


Such great and imaginative ideas! I love them. Hard part will be narrowing them down. I like the idea of having a contributors page of the app, so no matter the amount donated, each person gets a little thank you. Other ideas could be 3 months/6 months/ 12 months access to SSiW depending on donation levels.


Excellent extra ideas here - diolch Gisella and Court! :star: :star2:

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These are both beautiful ideas. I know my daughter has been trained to love dragons, she has about 3 of them, but not a red one… yet. :wink:

In regards to the books, perhaps some of us that are learners might get a chance to create something like board books that would be situated to take place after the training of the draig?