Monday night at the Mochyn Du

Is anyone going tonight, 1st September? Will go if there is going to be someone to talk to! If not, can find plenty of things to do.

Would appreciate an excuse to get out of ironing, so please let me know!

You’re back? How was Patagonia?! :smile: [/hiding-his-jealousy-very-well-all-things-considered]

I’ve just got back from a nice cycle Radyr->the bay->Penarth->Barrage->Radyr, and now need to flop, so it’s unlikely I’ll be there.

I’m not quite as jealous of that, to be honest.

F-A-B-L-A-S!! Would love to go again! Teithiau Tango did a wonderful job of organising everything and well worth contacting if you ever get to go.

On the matter of tonight - many thanks for your message Kev. You probably cycled within 100 m of our home! You could have dropped in for a sgwrs and paned!

So, Monday 8th and Julie is coming, so hopefully some others of you will join us. Ash? Kev? Mrs Wondersheep?

I’m intending being there.

Great! See you there.

Sorry I haven’t responded on here for a while. I’m planning on coming to the Mochyn Du tomorrow night though. Who else is coming?

I will be there and I think Phil will be too.

Great! See you both tonight :slight_smile:

I am going to be in Cardiff on Monday (6 October). Is anyone planning on being in the Mochyn Du for a sgwrs?

(Once we’re able to move into our new house proper in a few weeks, the Mochyn Du will be my local, so I’m keen to get to meet people!)

I can’t promise I’ll be there, but I suspect I will.

The last two messages, one posted by me and one by Kev (Wondersheep), have not transferred over to this new forum. I am not able to go again this week - more Granny duties! However, Phil will go, but might be a bit late.

Thanks! I might try to persuade Angharad to come with me - at least for a bit - so that I’m not running the risk of sitting there on my own!

I can’t see a reason for me not to be there at the moment.
See you later!

I’m here, so’s Phil.

If you have trouble finding us…


Here I am in Hereford and my dragon, Deiniol, is in the Mochyn Du! Hope he hasn’t got a hangover this morning!

I knew the dragon must have a name!

Thanks to Phil and Kev for the sgwrs last night. Hope you didn’t mind me bringing my Welsh wife along - she’s not a learner, obviously, but I’m a bit funny about sitting in pubs on my own, and I didn’t want to risk it.

Looking forward to coming again once we’ve moved in properly, and perhaps also to the cwis at the end of the month.