Monday night at the Mochyn Du

Hi Folks, I won’t be there tonight.

Phil will be at the Wales football match so won’t be there either. Think I will say no now too as I am off to the dentist and will probably have the extraction of what remains of the tooth and root that I lost in my fall. Even if he doesn’t do it today I am sedated and would not be able to drive so would be walking and bus. Hopefully next week will all be well!

Afternoon folks. Anyone intending bimbling along tonight?

Hi Kev. I’m probably going to the monthly science talk in the Uni tonight so I won’t be there.

Yes Kev - we will bimble along to keep you company! There is an outside chance I may need to go to catch a train, in which case I will send you a PM, or Phil will come alone.

Lovely, thanks. I’ll check for PMs before I leave in case.

OK - it looks like I’m not going tonight.