Monday Monthly meetings at the Mochyn Du

Just a reminder that tonight is the first of our meet-ups since we changed to once a month. The next scheduled one will be 5th January 2015, but if anyone is visiting Cardiff over Christmas let us know and we will try to arrange a meeting.

I’ll be there tonight! (Especially since I had to miss the quiz yesterday…)

I won’t be making it, sorry. Filthy headache.

I would love to come in January if you don’t mind a beginner?


Jenny - you can’t possibly be more beginner than I was when I first turned up, so go for it :smile:

Ali - if you have a main Mochyn Du thread and post updates to that (instead of new threads each month), people can subscribe to it and get emails when stuff is posted to it, else it relies on frequent forum checking.

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You will be very welcome Jenny. I remember Kev’s first few meetings with us and he said very little. Now there is no stopping him! It is only through going to meetings and listening, learning a couple of new words and phrases and taking the plunge to speak that you will grow in confidence and fluency. Looking forward to meeting you.

Kev, so a running title like Monday Monthly Meetings in the Mochyn Du, would be best? Can this thread be edited to that, or should I start again?. Hope your headache has disappeared. See you in the New Year. Hope you and Mrs Wondersheep have a lovely Christmas.

[quote=“ali, post:6, topic:1482”]
Kev, so a running title like Monday Monthly Meetings in the Mochyn Du, would be best? Can this thread be edited to that, or should I start again?. [/quote]

I’ve made the edit to the title (and am ‘Watching’ this thread, so it’ll tell me about replies, I suggest other attendees do the same).

Thanks. The perils of work!

Thanks, and you both.

Thanks for doing that for me Kev. Yes, it makes much more sense.

Thank you!

I’m hoping to make it in Jan. How do I recognise you all? A stuffed sheep on the table? A leek?

Will try to remember my little baner ddraig goch (about 8 x 6 inches) with SSIW written on it. Otherwise, I look much like my photo on this! We try to sit up the few steps into the part that looks like a conservatory. Look forward to seeing you, and any others in Cardiff area on Monday, 5th January 2015!


Hi everyone. I’m planning on going to the Mochyn Du tomorrow. See you there!

Will be good to see you Ashley and catch up about your holiday in Iceland, which we haven’t had time to talk about yet!

I"m not going to make it tonight, I’m afraid. I’ve got a stinking cold so I just want to stay in and curl up in front of the fire. (Plus, I don’t think you want my germs as a late Christmas present!)

Looking forward to hearing all about the skiing holiday in February, though!

Hi, I am planning to come tonight if the buses are OK. What time do you meet?

In case none of the others see this in time: it’s 7 pm, Jenny. (I managed to get it completely wrong and turn up at 8 pm once…)


Sorry Jenny, only just seen this! Yes, as Sara says, from about 7. We are just getting ready to leave. Look forward to meeting you there.

I was hoping to be there, but … ill. Sorry.

Hope Kev, Julie and Sara all feeling better today. It’s that time of year. Nice to meet with Jenny and Royston, first-timers, last night. Also nice to see Desmond again. Sorry that Davehodg didn’t make it either. Next Monday meeting will be 2nd February.

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