Mini Bootcamp - Caernarfon - 30/9/2016 - 2/10/2016

All - I have two places left on a mini bootcamp from Sept 30th to October 2nd.

Accommodation is here

I have two cottages booked - if you;'re a couple there are two double rooms avalable.

Currently we are 6 people.

Accommodation will cost a max of £40

We are planning a group meal on firday night - breakfast Saturday and a group meal on Saturday night for £15

Saturday morning will be a walk and Saturday afternoon either an activity eg. canoeing or visiting a local tourist attraction eg. a castle.

Sunday will be a lie in - then a group brunch out in the wilds and then a walk or other activity until people need to go!

This is now definitely going ahead so please ask for more details if you want.

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Good job. Peter.
You’ve pulled this off quickly and efficiently. Llongyfarchiadau.
I’m sure there are important lessons for anyone else wanting to organise such an event in the future. if you get time after the mini bootcamp, please post your tips and advice.
Above all, I hope you all have a memorable weekend.


Um…just go for it.


All…the cottages are now booked.

Currently we are 6 which means £43.50 each plus meals.

If another two wish to join it neans it is £32.50 plus meals! Come on. Bargain !

Also if anyone likes this concept please message me. I am more than happy to organise another.

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hi peter, i’m local, but could do with a weekend of practice, so please put my name down!
many thanks

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Fab ok.

Update. This is now full.

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Peter - Renee is in France and I am her friend Frances who has booked on with her. She cannot access her paypal at the moment, so instead, I can pay for both of us if you let me know how much and your account details. Thank you

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Diolch Yn fawr Iawn am dy neges Peter! Mwynha & cael hwyl X

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Ooops bit of a mix up. Still one place available. Female only

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  Hi Peter
     Only just seen this as have been on holiday-but if any males drop out would be happy to take a place
             Diolch yn fawr
                  Mike Jones

hi peter
i’m so sorry but i’m going to have to drop out! i work away a lot, and was yesterday i’ve got to be in south wales on sunday - apparently this is ‘non-negotiable’! very sorry i’m missing out, have a good bootcamp pawb!

‘told’ yesterday!

Ok thanks for letting me know

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I am intererested in your mini boot-camp. Please let me have the details. I am currently working on Course 2.

Best wishes



Basically arrive friday eve…at the cottages listed in the first post…have a get together meal…breakfast in the morning then drive out somewhere welsh speaking for the day. Lunch at a welsh cafe…somewhere to go in the afternoon. All to be determined.

Dinner sat night either at cottages or out. Sunday…go somewhere for brunch …Welsh of course.

Depart when you need to.

Cost between £32.50 and £42.50 depending on final numbers. Plus food contribution.

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Sounds great. I am female by the way. How do you want me to pay and how much?




If there is any interest in something like boot camp nadolig or boot camp blwyddyn newydd please let me know! At under £40 i may try and make these regular events if there is enough interest.


Having been to a Bootcamp I am sure you will see a massive improvement in your Welsh. Aran told me that would happen and I nodded in agreement. The sort of thing where you nod but think um really?

Well yes really and my Welsh speaking friends are amazed at the change. So go for it and short Bootcamp is a great idea, if it was a bit nearer I would join you.


Hi. I’m new. I’ll be visiting Wales from New Zealand mid-Oct through mid-Jan and am interested to know of any bootcamps that are planned. I’ll keep an eye on the forums. All the best with your bootcamp.