Manchester Welsh Chat/Meetup August

Just a reminder that the next Manchester Meetup is this Saturday, 18th October at Manchester Art Gallery Cafe (Mosley Street, Manchester M2 3JL), 10.30 a.m onwards. Everyone welcome, whatever stage your Welsh is at. Look forward to seeing you there! :smile:


Hi, is this meetup suitable for a complete newbie? I am only in lesson 10 on course 1 and don’t want to make a total pain of myself, I have started learning Welsh following my summer holidays there and find I am really enjoying it though I don’t know anybody to actually speak it with. Or would I be better off doing a few more lessons and coming to a future one? Thanks susanne

You would be very welcome Susanne and you certainly wouldn’t be a pain! Quite often there are newbies and if not, people are happy to talk to others at the level they are at. We don’t have a Welsh only rule and we often have chats in English about learning Welsh, so hopefully you would find it enjoyable. Oh yes and the cakes are scrummy!! :smile:

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Hi and thanks for the prompt reply, I will try to come this Saturday then!

Great. It’s very informal and friendly…honest! Look forward to seeing you,

I’m afraid Gareth and I won’t be there this time. I’m writing this from Guiyang in China, and will be flying back on Saturday. Hope you have a great meeting and we’ll see you all in November.

Susanne - the group are really friendly and it really doesn’t matter that you’re a beginner - we’ve all been there! By the way the chocolate peppermint cake is scrummy!

We will miss you both Sarah. Safe journey! See you in November.

Hi, when is the next meet up scheduled for? And thanks for making me feel so welcome at the last one!

Hi Susanne, it was great to see you in October. The next meet up is Saturday 15th November 10.30 am onwards. Hope you can make it. We always meet on the 3rd Saturday of each month, same place, same time and I always put a reminder on the forum a few days before.

Hope to see you soon

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There is another Welsh meet up for Manchester on Facebook

oh, I only just saw this post. I would love to have gone! Do you have a date for another one?

ah, my mistake, I’ve just seen the thread and the next date - thanks

Hi Jackie,

Sorry I didn’t reply sooner but I thought you meant the other group mentioned by Parry. It will be great to see you in November. :smile:

looking forward to it - thank you

Thanks for that!
Unfortunately I won’t be able to make that as have got a union meeting organised by myself at exactly the same time but will try for the December one now that I know the pattern and assuming there is one so shortly before Xmas!
On the plus side, I may have got a few more lessons under my belt by then… Thanks susanne

Look forward to seeing you in December Susanne. I intend going, so that will be at least 2 of us if you make it!

Just a quick reminder about the next Manchester meet up next Saturday 15th November 10.30 onwards, Manchester Art Gallery Cafe.

Come along for a panad and chat. The European markets will have just started too. See you there. :slight_smile:

Hi, I’ve never been to a meetup, but will be attending this one in Manchester for the first time. Do I need to register at all?

Hi Russell, no just turn up. We are a small, informal and friendly group. Look forward to meeting you tomorrow. The cakes are good too! :smile:

Hi, I’m going to try to come too for the first time, I’m up to lesson 19 and would like to try it out. Where would be the best place to park?