Machynlleth meetups

Arrrgh! I was just coming on here to tell you that I won’t be able to make it tomorrow! I’ll have to change that to “I didn’t make it last time because I can’t read a calendar”. And annoyingly, I can’t make it on 9th May either :frowning:

(I’ve put it in my calendar for 6th June. Is that right?)

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I’ve put it in my diary. Still in Siop Alys at 10:clock1230: ??

Hia pawb

Second Saturday in the month, 10.30 onwards :smile:

I will be on my way back from bootcamp the previous Saturday, which is the Machynlleth Comedy weekend, but if anyone wants to arrange a meet up for that weekend too, I will gladly come along if I can make it, e.g. Sunday morning.


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I’ll be in Machynlleth on that Sunday (I’m seeing Rob Newman at 12:45), so I’d be up for a meetup on the Sunday morning if there are any takers. Or afternoon. ‘Arranging’ sounds a bit scary, but I can meet someone in a coffee shop. Anyone around?

I can be there Sunday morning or afternoon. Whichever is best for other people, since I am very local.

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Hi Helen. It looks like it might be just you and me. If you still want to meet, I’d be happy to have a coffee at about 11:30. I totally understand though if you’d rather not, since you’ve got the meetup the following week anyway and will have just got back from a week’s Bootcamping. You might prefer to have a rest!

I’ll be in Mach this weekend, and free at 1130 on Sunday if you’re still available for meeting…


11.30 in Siop Alys -l’ll be there!

See you both tomorrow!

Same here. It might be an idea to work out the dates of the next few meetings with a calendar, and then put up a list here.

And of course, we should do the same in the Oxford group … :slight_smile: I’ll get right onto, er, thinking about it… :slight_smile: )

Quick reminder: the next Machynlleth meetup is this Saturday, 9th May at 10.30 in Siop Alys. :smile:

The June meetup is on 13th June.

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Hello, sorry to have missed you.

I knew Mach’s 3G signal wasn’t great, but I was also wifi-less for the bulk of the weekend so I wasn’t able to get online to find out the meeting details.

On the plus side, I did laugh at some jokes…in Welsh!

We wondered where you were. We also tried to get onto the forum to see if you’d left a message, but no signal!
Maybe next year I’ll brave some of the Welsh language shows - I imagined myself blank-faced in a sea of hysterical laughter and thought I’d give it a miss until I can do more than struggle through the ‘who’s there?’ side of a knock-knock joke.

A man told me that the signal’s not too bad normally, but then the comedy festival arrives and the population of Mach doubles for the weekend…

I was blank faced last year. Slightly more laughter this year. Did you know there’s a place called Pwll Coch? You can guess where they went with that

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One of my goals in Welsh is to understand the comedy. I usually follow along fine until the punchline arrives then I totally lose my understanding. Everyone else is laughing their socks off and I’m wondering what it’s all about. But I WILL get there!


Next Machynlleth meet-up this Saturday (13th June) 10.30 in Siop Alys (Owain Glyndwr Institute), next to the Senedd-dy.

See you there! They reserve a table for us but, if in doubt, I will be the one looking hyper, since it will be my fifth cuppa in Siop Alys this week! :smiley:

Last week I was in there being served by Derek Brockway - one of he challenges for Cariad@Iaith starting on S4C this Sunday!


Sorry, car’s broken down. Won’t make it today. Apologies for the late notice.

Thanks for letting us know. Hope it’s fixed soon and not too expensive.

@Deborah-SSi We probably won’t have an August meet up, because it clashes with the final Saturday of the Eisteddfod.

There will be an extra meetup in Machynlleth this Thursday afternoon (13th August)! We will be meeting at 2pm in Siop Alys for coffee/tea and chat and then going to have a look round the Owain Glyndwr Senedd-Dy next door. All Welcome!

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Since a few people have mentioned (@paulinehomer, @elizabeth_j_corbett_) that the second Saturday this month clashes with the ‘Rustbuster’ course in Dolgellau, I think it would be a good idea to move the Mach meetup to the following Saturday (19th September). This will then tie-in with the Owain Glyndwr festival :grinning: , which starts at 1pm on that day - we can spend the whole day siarad Cymraeg!

So Mach September meet up: Saturday 19th September, 10.30am, Siop Alys.
@Deborah-SSi Please mention in the weekly email. Thanks.