Machynlleth meetups

Would people be interested in a regular meetup in the Machynlleth area?

I am happy to organise something if there is an interest. There are a number of things that go on in the area already, including formal classes during the day and Clwb C events, but I think a SSiW meetup would be a useful informal addition. Just a cuppa and a chat - I was thinking of Saturday mornings, once or twice a month?

Any takers?


I’d be up for it, Machynlleth is about 40 minutes drive away from me. If it was once a month on a Saturday morning I could probably do it. Twice might be a bit too often.

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I would be, although I often have to travel so perhaps couldn’t make all of them.

I should be in Machynlleth for the comedy festival on the 2nd/3rd of May, so if there’s a meetup that coincides I might be able to make it (comedy schedule may conflict!).

There are always a handful of Welsh language shows at the festival that are generally sparsely attended, would be great to see them sold out this year! (I’m hoping to be able to follow enough to get some of the jokes this year…)

I will be staying in Corris for 6 months from July 26th and would be interested in a catch up. Keep me posted. :slight_smile:

Would love to join in Helen. Not sure if I can make it every month, but will certainly try.

Hi Helen - Di (from the class), Beryl (think you met her at Summer School) and Alan would also like to come to the meeting, but all emphasised they didn’t think they would be able to do every one. Hope this helps with numbers.

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Dw i’n fodlon dod, yn arbennig os ydy hi’n cynnwys gweld Comedi Cymraeg, fel awgrymodd Theblacksparrow. I am happy to come along especially if we can weave in some Welsh Comedi as Theblacksparrow suggests.

Perhaps the weekend of 2/3 May could kick start a monthly meet up?

Gret i weld rhai ffrindiau yn ymateb, gyda llaw!

Hiya, I’d be interested in coming (live in Newtown). Work etc. might prove an issue but if someone could keep me informed of as/when I’d be grateful. Might have 2/3 friends interested as well.


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There seems to be plenty of interest :smile:

I’m going to suggest the second Saturday in the month for starters. This avoids clashing with the regular Saturday chat in the community cafe in Tre’r Ddol on the third Saturday of the month.

Then, if we want to add in the fourth Saturday later on, or add in an extra one for the Mach Comedy Festival (when I will be on my way back from bootcamp - bad timing), we can do that.

So, second Saturday in the month at 10.30 in Siop Alys (nice tea/coffee shop next door to the Owain Glyndwr Parliament building). Starting 14th March!

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Can’t wait! Thanks for organising this.

This was announced at the Learners’ Eisteddfod this evening! My tutor told Sion Meredith (Director of Welsh for Adults mid-Wales) about it, so he announced it during the evening. There were 157 people there, so I hope they don’t all come! Anyway, it was good publicity for SSiW!


Thanks for arranging the meet-up Helen. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get to the first one - it’s our wedding anniversary and we have family coming to help celebrate. And, no I can’t move the date! However, the 2nd Sat of the month is now in the diary. See you soon.

Just a reminder for tomorrow’s first Mach meetup, 10.30 onwards, Siop Alys (next to Owain Glyndwr Parliament House).

We have a large table reserved, just as you go in - see you there!


Diolch yn fawr iawn, Helen, for a lovely meetup. We were few, but we were mighty! (Well, sort of…) It was so nice to be able to practice Welsh with real live people. Looking forward to the next one!

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Definitely mighty - lots of Welsh used and understood :smile:
I really enjoyed it - thanks for your company.


My elephant is full of spots, I’m happy to say! Gweld chi mis nesa!


Good to hear the first meeting went well.

Here’s details of the first Welsh language show at the Comedy Festival this year

Don’t let Elis James’s scary eyes put you off. He once gave me a fruit salad sweet.



Have I missed the second meeting ? I am no good at dates that are are the second Thursday, third Wednesday etc, I always forget



Sorry, you missed the second one. The next one is on Saturday, 9th May!

I have trouble just remembering what day of the week it is - I know the problem.

Hope you can make it.