Mach Comedy fest

Hiya, this is my first post on here. I’m off to Mach this weekend and wondered if anyone here has been and experienced the Welsh language comedy on offer?

Can’t answer that I’m afraid, but I happened to notice this in the Radio Cymru listings and wondered if it might be of interest to you:

Y comediwr o Gwm Tawe sy’n wynebu ei ofnau a chreu set stand yp yn arbennig ar gyfer cynulleidfa Merthyr Tudful. Ai chwerthin neu grio fydd ei hanes? Noel James performs stand-up

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Love Mach - working the box office there one year is the reason I’ve learnt to speak Welsh!

I have experienced the Welsh language comedy there many times. I can only comment on the laughter from those around me, because I’m still working out the setup long after the punchline has been reached. But even if you don’t feel your Welsh is up to understanding comedy it’s still worth going for the listening practice, and to boost the numbers. (One year we had to revive him off the Radio - Daniel Glyn - with smelling salts after he discovered one of the Welsh shows had been upgraded from the 15 to the 30 seater venue.)

Here are shameless plugs for the Festival apps which I helped produce

It’s available in Welsh (subject to them getting around to translating the show info!) Even if you’re not an attendee, there’s no harm in installing, switching to Cymraeg and boosting the stats for the Cymraeg version…

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