Looking for speaking partner in Gogledd America


I am on Challenge 20 and looking for a speaking partner in a North American time zone (I am in PST but can make any time zone work).

I struggle with conversation and know that I need to push myself if I hope to become a siaradwr.

I have completed the Legacy level in Duololingo and am starting a year-long Dysgu Cymraeg course (Sylfaen), but all of this is for naught if I can’t speak the language!

Diolch yn fawr iawn!


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Helo, Caroline. Deborah re-posted your query in the American channels of the Slack workgroups. I live in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC (so, Eastern time zone) and would enjoy talking with you. I’ve finished Level 2 of SSiW and am about to start the Cwrs Sylfaen myself this week. It would be great to have someone within 3 time zones to work with on Sylfaen exercises, too, in case we need partners.


Do let us all know if you’re setting up a regular chat that will be open to others so I can join if I’m available! I don’t want to commit to any timing due to my schedule but perhaps I can contribute here or there.
Also just finished level 2…


Hi Caroline!

I live in Utica, NY and would love to practice with you. I have Zoom and Facebook. Or if you prefer, we can call each other.

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Hi Anne, I saw your message in Slack. I am glad you posted the link as I find people see Slack as a repository mostly, not much interaction there.

I replied, offering to help. Also, I cold help host a weekly Zoom chat or one every fortnight if we get enough takers.

I rarely post in Slack any more because I rarely get replies to my stuff. :frowning:

Hi, Jenirizio-1. I’m a little confused. Where did you post in the Slack workgroups, in SSiW 6/6 Support or Welsh Speaking Practice, and in which channel? I didn’t see any message from you there.

Yes, help with American chats would be great! Where are you in the course? We have a number of fairly new people (in Level 1) and others who have finished Level 2 or 3, and are fairly proficient speakers. It’s hard to accommodate everyone in one chat. Which one interests you?

I finished Level 2 in August and am currently reviewing Levels 1 and 2 of the old course before starting Deep End, probably in November. I also just started the Sylfaen course with Dysgu Cymraeg.

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Sounds like you are way ahead of me! I completed the Duolingo course (including Legendary), so hoping Sylfaen 1 is the right level. I can study and regurgitate grammar, but speaking is another matter! I do well with what I have leaned with SSiW, but can’t seem to access everything else I have learned. Determined to break through!

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Excellent! I would love to chat with you! I am around much of the weekend, with a few activities here and there still taking shape. I am on level 1 lesson 20 and need to practice my sentences and general chit chatting. Apologies if I revert to Spaeneg lol

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Thank you! I would love that also.

Hi @Anne-D,
I post in the Welsh Speaking Practice. You comment proves my point. Some kind of weird filtering is going on with my posts. If happens to me, then it happens to other people. Even when I use the @ functions, my posts go unread and unreplied.

I posted a link and a paragraph just now in the general-questions channel. Can you please have a look when you have time? Maybe I need to contact the Slack helpdesk team to get it sorted out. Thanks!

Helo Caroline! I notice you have an invitation to the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group that is as yet unaccepted. That’s another great place to find a speaking partner, especially in the #the-americas channel. If you haven’t seen the email invitation, have a look in your Spam/Junk Mail.

@emilie-s, are you in the Slack workgroup SSiW 6/6/ Support? The best place to check for info on chats is the #american-chat channel there.

Keep me in mind please. Mountain Daylight time.

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@Rosemarie I’m in mountain time too. Would love to chat am sort of a floater between levels: nearing the end of level 1 after a break of a few years, previously completed the old challenge 3 and grew up in Wales… basically have no confidence speaking so think I’m level 1.

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And yes I know I should check the slack channel but…

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Dw I’n byw yn Asheville, Gogledd Carolina!

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Utica, Efrog Newydd yn byw! Croeso!