Looking for some language practice

Hello Shwmae Que onda

Ok so I’ve being learning Welsh for just over 30 days, but I just really want to have conversation with a welsh speaker, prefarably native but to be honest I will settle for anyone who is at an A2 level. As long as any potential speakers will have 5 or 10 minutes of just speaking in Welsh and are patient with me. In return I don’t mind speaking Spanish in order for you to get some practice.

Really I all want is to get some actual motivation to learn, and I believe that the sooner I speak the better. So if you want to have a simple getting to know you conversation I am your man.


Ewan (who is doing Add1challenge30)


Not to many first language speakers in here, but plenty of strong B2/C1/C2s - hope you find some of them… :slight_smile:

What on earth are A2, B2, C1, C2?? I shall be very put out if I’m anything other than A1 :laughing:


European framework - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_European_Framework_of_Reference_for_Languages :slight_smile:

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Diolch Aran. It turns out I’m C2 - hang on - were you guys talking about Welsh? :wink:


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