LONDON meet ups?

I would like to practice speaking and would love to meet up with other learners. I see all the meetings all over the country but find it very hard to find someone in London to practice with. I do go sometimes to the Welsh centre in Grays Inn Road and have had lessons there too. I am slowly working my way through the Southern lessons and find SSIW excellent. I live in Wandsworth but can travel to any part of London as I am near Clapham Common station and Clapham Common tube. I did see a meet up in North London but was unable to go at the time. Is this still happening?

The U3A have a Welsh study group in Merton U3A

There were a few people in the thread on the old forum expressing interest in London meetups. I’ll pop a note in the weekly email and see if some of them will leave details here. Then perhaps you could get something going again.

I’m still a beginner (working through the vocab units for Course 1) and live out at the end of the Central Line. I’m very interested in meeting up with other learners, but because I have lots of evening work commitments, I really need plenty of notice if I’m to keep a weekday evening clear. But Sun pm would work well for me.

I’d be keen to know more about a North London meet-up if it is still happening. If not I’d happily organise an early evening (6-8pm) gathering in the cafe of the building I work in on a Tuesday or Thursday evening. Nearest tube Euston station.

Shw mae/Helo

I am interested in a north or central London meet up. Euston could work for me on a Thursday or London Welsh centre where you’ll get a chance to practice or chat even if no SSiWers turn up. I’m level 3 but happy to practice with all levels. Andy

Hi all
I am very new to SSiW and only on lesson 4 of course 1 - but would love to find a group that I could dip in and out of depending on work committments. I work in Camden but can travel - the Euston meets on tues or thus evening would work well for me.

I might potentially attend London meetups as it’s quite quick by train from here, and there are always reasons for going to London, not least because we have a daughter living there.

I keep hearing about the London Welsh Centre - what exactly does it offer, in short summary? Diolch.

Hi all, late to this thread but am working in London at the moment so have been popping into the London Welsh Centre to keep the old hiraeth at bay. It’s great! On Thursday nights there’s a learners’ meet up from about 8 ish, everyone’s v friendly, and several people (including me) are SSiWers. I haven’t been for a couple of weeks but am planning to go again next week, so would be happy to meet anyone nearby who wants to go along. The bar is upstairs and you just rack up and see who’s there.

Hope that helps. Btw, they are mostly southern speakers but i haven’t had any problems in joining in as a northern Welsh learner (end of level 2). I’d also be interested in any other meet ups in the Euston or east London areas on weeknights while I’m down here.

Diolch Justine. Do you have to be a member or anything?

Croeso, Mike. No, you don’t have to be a member, just turn up. Have a look at their website for more info:

Click on the ‘Learn Welsh’ tab & look for the ‘Y Cylch Siarad’ section and it’ll all become clear. And it’s a lovely bar with the male voice choir practising downstairs. What’s not to like?

Justine: Click on the ‘Learn Welsh’ tab & look for the ‘Y Cylch Siarad’ section and it’ll all become clear. And it’s a lovely bar with the male voice choir practising downstairs. What’s not to like?

:slight_smile: Mae’n wir.

I see there’s a one day course (£40 including lunch) on 14th June. Have you done one of those? There is the question of what level an SSiW learner would want to choose - I’ve seen this discussed on the old forum before, for other courses. So, say, for someone who has completed Course 2, what would that equate to (not that these things really equate like that)?

I’ve done a couple and really enjoyed them (more because it’s a fun day to spend with other learners rather than learning that much new). I’d say you’d want to do at least the Sylfaen (lefel 2) and potentially lefel 3.

Diolch Rhys.

Hi Justine did you make it to LWC last week? Work has been busy but should ease up late June. I’ll try to post in advance of my next visit.

So Thursdays at the London Welsh Centre seems like a good time for London Cabals?

Does anyone here go to the LWC on Thursdays? What kind of standard should you be?

Notes on cylch siarad in the London Welsh Centre are available on the LWC website at, Lessons for Level 3&4 finish around 20h00 (guidance on levels is given at so expect to find a few other learners in the bar on Thursday evening also starting 25 September.

Hi Andrew, sorry not to reply sooner! I haven’t been to the LWC for a while as I dropped down to working 4 days a week over the summer, so was travelling back to Wales on Thurs nights. But Hywel, good to know it all starts up again from 25 Sept. Might try and pop in again before my current contract finishes. Jason, you don’t have to be fluent as everyone is v helpful. I was about halfway through SSiW level 2 when I went first and that wasn’t a problem.

Hello Justine and other learners. I’m new to ssiw forum (currently on lesson 12 course 1) but have done part of a mynediad course. Like you I head back to wales usually on a Thursday evening so can’t make it to LWC (shame really as a choir member there for a while) but if anyone cares for catch up chat or similar for an hour after work on a Wednesday (poss Tuesday sometimes) around Euston area (I then travel up to Watford) I’d be up for it subject to work commitments (which sometimes interfere with best laid plans! Cheers Pete