London Meet up Group

I have started a group in London (or revitalised my former group) I will be organising events in London to socialise in Welsh. I am particularly interested in Walking so there will be some walks of about 6 miles around London but there will be a stop and a chance to dip out on 3 or 4 miles if 6 sounds a bit long. I am thinking of trying a 10 pin bowling night and maybe trying a karaoke night. I hope to be able to put on gigs also and I am in talks with some comedians about doing a Welsh language comedy night. I am open to other ideas. At the moment, the events are aimed at people who can survive for an hour in Cymraeg even if they are feel they are muddling through but I may do some special events for earlier learners. I have started a group on the meetup app which is attracting new people and I have started a Facebook group also. I also have a list of emails so if you prefer to receive an email about events just send me your email to
Meet up group here Cymdeithasu yn Gymraeg, Llundain - Socialising in Welsh LDN (London, United Kingdom) | Meetup
Facebook group here Cymdeithasu yn Gymraeg Llundain, | Facebook


Are you coordinating with the Llon-dain - Touring London walking group?