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Hi. Sorry to post a technical rather than linguistic question, but has anyone had any problems with being constantly told that a challenge is for subscribers only, even after you’ve been a subscriber for some time? Lately, the only way I can get a challenge to play is by logging out, closing the app, reopening it, logging back in and then - sometimes - it works after a long delay. Other times, such as now, it just won’t play at all. Please help!

I’ve had this recently - I think following an app update? I reinstalled and now seems to work… fingers crossed!

Yes there is s problem with the streaming in some situations in the new version on the app.

You can solve the problem by pre-downloading the lesson (or Sgwrs) - there is a post with a screen image here

Rich :slight_smile:

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Wonderful - thank you

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Hello Huw, I only subscribed on Saturday and my payment was made and my car people have verified that. I used the subscribe only challenges in Saturday but when I tried to use on Sunday the system said I have not subscribed. Same thing today. Despite two emails to admin (no replies), I still cannot use it. This is very frustrating as I wished to subscribe during my holidays to top up my spoken Welsh. I will not have time to use it later so wanted to pay for a month then stop. I just do not know what to do as there is no number to call and I do not wish to pay again and have the same thing happen. Anyone got any ideas? Is it just me, perhaps doing something wrong?Thanks, Susan.

Hi @SusanBurt

Are you using the App on an iPhone or iPad?

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No I am on the SSi website and use my laptop

I see. Have you tried logging out…and then logging back in again?

Rich :slight_smile:

Hi Rich, Yes I have logged in and out a number of times to no avail sadly. Susan

Ok, using the Log Out on the bottom of the menu - to the right - as in the screen shot below?

Rich, What I did do on Saturday was that, after the payment was made, I logged into Paypal and put the next payment 27th August on hold, as I did not wish any more payments to go through due to only have a month available. I also thought I would see how it went first. I do not think SSi know about this as they could only know they have my first payment. In any case I told Ssi in my emails but not heard from them yet. Do you think I could have messed it u by taking the action with Paypal? Thanks, Susan.

Ah Rich, that screenshot logout does not look like the button I pressed to log out. I shall try that now and get back to you by logging back in . Susan.

Ok, so you have to press on your ‘circle-image’ your ‘S in a circle’ in your case - to get that menu - in the very top right corner.

Rich :slight_smile:

Hi Rich, I logged out using the button as on your screenshot and logged back in again and the system is still telling me I need to subscribe. Susan.

Hmm, ok.

Could I just double check that you paid via Paypal, via the SSIW site ie that the SSIW website should know that you made a payment? (I don’t think holding the future payment shouldn’t make any difference )

Also (less likely), is there any danger that you have created a second log on during payment i.e. did you have any problems during the payment process?

…it could simply be that something has gone wrong behind the scenes on the SSIW system, so I will ask @Deborah-SSi nicely (:crazy_face:) - as I have seen her posting and therefore she (probably!) isn’t in Barbados or somewhere on holiday - whether it is possible to check that your subscription has gone through correctly on the SSIW system.

That something has gone slightly off track is the most likely - don’t worry about it - it will get sorted out very quickly if so.

Rich :slight_smile:

Hi Susan,
Sorry you’re having these problems. I suspect it’s something to do with PayPal as it can be a bit tricky when it comes to messing it around; however, the system should be still giving you access until your next payment is due, at which time your cancellation becomes active. I passed your original email onto Ifan, our Tech Developer, to investigate but I haven’t seen that he’s replied to you, so I’ve just searched and found your email and replied. I’ve flagged it up to him again, so hopefully he will be able to resolve it for you.

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Hi Dee, Many thanks for your help (and Rich too). I did indeed pay via Paypal direct in the SSi website. Barclaycard have confirmed that my payment went through on 27th July shortly after 13.00. I shall wait to hear from you all soon. I hope you will agree to extend my subscription by whatever days I have missed out on. We can then take the next month from there. Best wishes, Susan.

Thanks Rich. I have heard from Dee and it will hopefully get sorted soon. Susan.

Hi Rich and Dee, Just t let you know that I got it sorted out. It appears that Paypal do not give enough information to the system for SSiW to identify whether you have not paid or have paid but cancelled your DD for future payments. Ivan in IT kindly sorted it out and I am going great guns on the Challenges. Many thanks for your help.


Fabulous. Pob lwc (good luck) - SSIW is a great choice…life changing in fact - and you can’t say that about many things :wink:

Rich :slight_smile:

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