Llyncu Geiriau - new series - more contestants wanted!

Message from Boom Cymru:

Mae cwmni Boom Cymru yn cynhyrchu cyfres newydd o’r cwis hwyliog i ddysgwyr Cymraeg - ‘Llyncu Geiriau’. Gydag Eleri Siôn yn cyflwyno, bydd panelwyr yn cystadlu am y gorau i adnabod, cofio, creu a chyfieithu geiriau o bob math.

Felly rydym yn chwilio am ddysgwyr ar lefel Canolradd ac Uwch i gystadlu mewn timau o ddau. Byddwn yn ffilmio ar y 7, 8 a 9 o Hydref.

Cysylltwch yn fuan os oes gennych ddiddordeb ar 02922 450218. Neu ebostiwch ffion.coughlan@boomcymru.co.uk


Boom Cymru TV are producing a new series of the light hearted Welsh learners quiz ‘Llyncu Geiriau’. With Eleri Siôn presenting, the panellists will compete against each other in various linguistic rounds.

We are looking for learners of intermediate and higher levels to take part in teams of two.

We’ll be filming on the 7,8 + 9th of October.

Please contact us if you would like to take part on 02922 450218. Or email ffion.coughlan@boomcymru.co.uk

Thank you!


and #ebostwythnosol :slight_smile:

For anyone thinking about it, it was good fun, and they all went out of their way to make it as non-intimidating as possible.


Was it shown on S4C?

Yep, as part of the Dal Ati learners’ programmes.

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is physical presence essential?

I think so, unfortunately - I remember someone from America being interested last time, and them saying that it really required a studio visit…

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I would second what @leiafee has said, really great experience. I would do it again if they would let me.

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Well, a spiritual one might frighten the horses…although it might make for good telly, a la Derren Brown…


Here it is again - a new series coming up. Anyone want to have a go this time round?

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I’ve sent an e-mail. I want to be an S4C sleb!


Go for it, it was a great experience.

I think I’ve been accepted onto this, they asked about my availability in October, so it looks like fame and probably not fortune (I’m hopeless at word games) await.
Anyway, I have never actually seen the show, or have any idea about the level of Welsh expected. I’m sure you have to reduce your language competence by a factor of 20 in front of the cameras. Does it involve remembering things, because I’m hopeless at that to.


Indeed it was - I remember jumping out of my seat when I saw @leiafee perform. :smile:

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A crossword. translations from English, sort of quiz questions, as I recall! I haven’t been on it, just watched. You would be half of a pair. I don’t know how they pair people up. It would be good if at least one has a good memory, I have a feeing remembering things comes into it!

No! i am hopeless at crosswords in English, I don’t expect to be any better in Welsh.

Paid â phoeni, the crossword was done by the pair, so if your partner can do them, that’ll be OK. And they are not criptic crosswords, very straightforward in fact!

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It was loads of fun. They’ve very very good at getting you to relax and enjoy it.

When I did it we were paired more or less at random I think. We did get chance to discuss beforehand who’s do the translating and who’d do the memory game.


I’ve been given a date, the 7th of October in @Cardiff. They have asked if I know anyone who would like to be my partner. So if anyone is available and good at word games, fame and fortune await! I’ve seen so many SSIW celebrities on S4C, I’m looking forward to my turn!
So, I’d better learn some Welsh! When is Level 3 challenge 11 due @Aran?


Possibly not too far away - might be able to dig out a little recording time next week… :slight_smile: