Llyfrau Cymreig

Shemae pawb. I am moving house from Weston-super-Mare to Yatton next month and i have a bunch of Welsh language books (novels mostly) that i would rather pass on to a local (ish) group - Casnewydd,Bryste? - than throw away.
Is there a group or even individual who would be interested? I would add a photo of the books here but there diesnt seem to be tha facility of adding an atrachment to these messages.
Cheers, Cris.

S’mae Chris, how about posting them on here? Second hand books up for sale / giveaway here! 📚

To attach pictures to a message, you can use the upload icon that appears above in the box you’re typing in:

Will do Siaron. Thanks for the advice.
And thanks for the uplaid button tip.
I had mo idea that was an upload button.
Hope you’re well.

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