Llandysul meeting?

Bore Da, I am trying to contact ‘Dee’ for information on the SSIW meeting at the Porth Hotel, Llandysul. There was no contact number for her in the latest email listing the meetings and as I haven’t been before, I would like to know what to expect and if it is actually on next week. Diolch.

Dee is helping run a 10 day intensive course at the moment - she’ll be back in Llandysul on Sunday - but in the meantime, this forum and tagging @Deborah-SSi is a very reliable way to get hold of her… :slight_smile:

Hi @Celia6694,

Yes, the Llandysul meetup is on next Thursday evening and I’ll be there. The group consists of some experienced Welsh learners, some newer ones, and the occasional first-language person that drops by to offer support and encouragement. It’s not a very structured evening, mostly we just sit in the big corner table to the left when you come into The Porth, and have conversation in Welsh. One of the group has recently been on a trip to Peru though, so we’re hoping she’ll be along with photos and stories to tell.

There is also a ‘Dewch i Ganu’ - Come and Sing - evening starting up once a month in The Half Moon pub in Pontwelly, if you’re interested. It’s very relaxed around a piano and a chance to learn some of the most popular traditional Welsh songs. The next one of those is on Thurs 26th at 8pm. You’re very welcome to come along to that as well.


Wish I could go next Thursday!.. I had a great time at the one I got to go to…


We’ll all miss you, I’m sure of that :slight_smile:

Thanks Dee, my husband and I are both new learners so we would like to join you next week for some practice. We had already seen the ‘sing along’ at the Half Moon advertised and thought we would go, it will be good to see some familiar faces. Thanks, look forward to meeting you.


Great! See you there.