Listening revisits - level 2, challenge 3

I’ve got to challenge 3 of level 2 and Aran’s email today asked me to go back through the listening exercises in reverse order, all the way back to the second one - and then come to the forum to share how I found it.

I might not have bothered posting about it, to be honest, except I wonder what I was supposed to find. The earlier listening exercises are easier than they were back when they were new to me, but I still can’t follow the sentences even in exercise 2. I recognise most or all of the words as I hear them, but there isn’t time to mentally translate a sentence before the next one starts. Should I be able to follow the conversation at this point?

I had assumed not, but when I searched the forum to see if there’s a general topic about this, I saw a post from someone at the exact point I’m at, saying they could easily follow the conversation in exercise 2. I’ve been listening to the exercises as instructed and also Radio Cymru’s Pigion podcast for extra material most days.

Should I be concerned that I can’t follow a sentence yet? Is there something more I can try doing to get up to speed?

Hi Alan,

I don’t know if the more experienced Welsh learners will agree but I found that I was exactly the same the first time I was going through the challenges before I took some time out. I tried to translate everything back into English and by the time I had it was too late and I missed sections.

Now I try to stop myself trying to translate and instead listen to the Welsh being said and then attempt to understand the conversation through the medium of Welsh rather than English. It surprised me how much I can now pick up. I still don’t understand the full listening clip but the more I listen the more I start to grasp.

My brain still tries to translate but I stop it as soon as I realise I’m doing it.

I hope this helps


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Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think I can just switch on understanding though. If I don’t mentally translate the words then it’s just a long string of familiar sounds.

Hi @alan-charlesworth ,

Agree I didn’t switch on understanding, it comes with repetition. Everyone learns differently though.


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