Listening practice after lesson 6?

Hello all
I’ve been using the regularly updated Listening Practices for ‘those who have completed lessons 1-6’.
I can’t find any listening practice beyond that. I’ve just finished lesson 12. Are they on a ‘Premium Page’ or will there not be any after Lesson 6? I find them really useful.

If you’re doing the older “Courses”, there is daily listening practice for the first six lessons and then a separate one for those who have finished the entire first Course and the entire second Course, but nothing in between.

If you’re doing the newer “Levels”, there are listening practice exercises after every five challenges of the first Level.


Found it! Diolch yn fawr.


So, I’m doing the newer levels, I’ve just finished week 10, but can’t find any listening exercises beyond going back to week 5 and repeating those … where/through what links can I find the after week 10 listening exercises?
Thank you

Where did you find the listening practise exercises after week 10. I have searched and searched, but have not found them??

Hi @fi-benson

If you scroll down of the page, it is underneath challenge 10…if you are using the App… see below,

Rich :slight_smile:

Listening practice - is the best part of the whole learning process, in my opinion. I always prefer to watch TV shows in language I want to learn, with subtitles enabled.