Listening exercises #5, #4, #3 and #2 - in that order

Just completed the listening exercises in reverse order - in one go - as suggested by Aran in challenge 3, level 2 (week 29)!
Very interesting that, as I’d hoped, they became easier as I progressed “backwards” to #2.
In fact I felt that with #4 - #2 I seemed to have the same level of understanding and #2 was similar now to listening to Radio Cymru!
Just for good measure I then listened to #1, but stopped half way through as now too slow and boring for me!:roll_eyes: So something must be going into my befuddled brain…!


Yup, that’s definitely neurological adaptation happening right there! :star: :star2:

It’s well worth keeping on doing #5 once a day while you go through Level 2 - but well done for proving to yourself that your brain will adapt in amazing ways when you give it the right input :slight_smile:

Hello lovely people

I have just done the week 29 task of listening to the listening exercises 5,4,3,2 in that order, in one sitting. And as requested here I am to tell you that listening exercise 2 now seems almost entirely comprehensible! And it doesn’t really feel like it’s double speed either. So yes… I’m getting better, hurrah.


PS how come I’m the first person to say so in a year, hmm?!

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It is a good way to see the progress that you’ve made. It can be hard to judge it in yourself, but that way you really feel it! Dal ati!

Yes, it is hard to judge! One curious thing though: I notice that I’m trying more (without really meaning to) to translate it into English as I listen. I’m sure this is wrong: I need to listen and think in Welsh. Maybe it’s inevitable as understanding grows.

It could be just a sign that your brain is processing faster now and giving you time to do that, but better not to get into a habit of it.

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I’ve just done that challenge, and I was pleased at how much of exercise 2 I could understand. (Though I did keep getting distracted by trying to consciously translate into English).

The one difficulty I have with accelerated listening speeds is that when it’s used in the challenges I feel that it’s killing my enunciation when I try to spit out a timely answer. I sound as if I’m chewing a dog toy :slight_smile: .

I guess right now I’m at a stage where my responses can be timely or comprehensible to a listener, but not yet both…

Initially your mouth and jaw muscles have to get used to slightly different positions in order to pronounce the Welsh, so it can be hard to get it out quickly AND smoothly, but the more you practise, the more your speech muscles will adapt and it will become easier for you.


I’m sure you’re right.