Lingo Newydd

Just had confirmation that there will be a piece on the Swansea Bay View group in the next issue (August/September) of Lingo Newydd.

Yay! Hopefully give a bit of publicity of the group to learners.

We gave SSiW plugs when we could, but I haven’t seen the actual piece. Hope they got through!


Gwych! Looking forward to reading it. :slight_smile:

For those of you who read Lingo Newydd, which bits do you read?

Just the blue bits for beginners? Also the green bits for the intermediate learners? Everything, including the red bits for advanced learners?

Do you just read articles that correspond to your own perceived level, or do you give things a go that are marked for a higher level than you think you are, just to see how much you can understand?

In general, how do you read Lingo Newydd?

Just the articles that interest you? From front to back, as far as you get? Everything?

All of it, front to back, every word :slight_smile:
I use a dictionary if they don’t give vocabulary help for words I don’t know. I like learning :slight_smile:


Me too.


I used to just read the bits that interested me, which meant I skimmed through the magazine and didn’t read anything properly, or bother looking up words I didn’t know. But now, @lynne_freudigmann and I use Lingo Newydd for Skype practice, because she has access to the app in Australia. We have chatted recently about seed dispersal, Saint Dwynwen, frankincense and tramps…


Another vote for popeth here. It really is the most remarkable little magazine, and helps me immensely.

I was using the Ap Golwg to buy and view it, but my eyes couldn’t take the strain anymore of squinting at my mobile! Decided to subscribe on Thursday - only £10.50 for the year. Bargen! Came home on Saturday afternoon to find the Rhagfyr - Ionawr issue waiting on the doormat,with over a quids worth of stamps on it. Now that’s service.


My subscription seems to have glitched as I only got one issue, so I don’t know if there has been any mention of Welsh Classes being advertised on S4C. I know the channel needs revenue, but I wonder if SSiW will get fewer mentions in future? @aran !

When I first got the app I would read the blue sections but eventually they be ame too easy and I graduated to green. When I did that it was a quick jump up to red and now I read it all. I love Lingo Newydd. Bronwen Lewis and I have been picking articles and iscussng them. This makes me work at them during the week to make sure I know all the vocab. I highly recommend this method. I would really though all the magazines several times until the next one arrives. Love it.


What is Lingo Newydd?

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What a brilliant idea, thank you!:slight_smile:
If there’s anyone who would want to do the same thing on skype (read articles together, then talk about them) - please, drop me a line, I’m looking for another skype partner.

At the moment I’m trying to read everything in Lingo Newydd, and it’s a really wonderful magazine because the grammar is simplified, and the articles are so varied they provide lots of vocabulary I would have never come across otherwise. I decided to make quizlet word sets for every 10-15 new vocabulary items, and to retell the articles to my imaginary Welsh friend:)

It’s also helpful to make personalized vocabulary exercises, taking some lines of the text and making them gapped by hiding all the new vocabulary and then after a day or two filling in the gaps. Or hiding all the mutations from the text and trying to put them back in. Or taking a line and putting all the words in the wrong order and later on trying to rearrange them back. Or… well, one has to be a fan to do all that, of course, but I personally find it helpful because it adds another dimension to reading, a more active and form-focused one.


Hope this helps.


Many thanks for that, just ordered a couple of copies.

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Or here:

The official company page, where you can also buy subscriptions.

(The page is all in Welsh but the “buy now” is pretty obvious.)

Individual issues as well as subscriptions are also available electronically if you download the app “Ap Golwg” - which lets you read now only “Golwg” magazine electronically but also “Lingo Newydd”.

As for what it is: a magazine aimed at learners of Welsh that comes out every two months.

It has articles on various topics, colour-coded by level of difficulty (beginning/intermediate/advanced learners) as well as little vocabulary lists below articles that translate some of the less common words in the article.


Dioch yn fawr. I will subscribe after the ones I ordered come!

The electronic version of ‘Lingo Newydd’ also has the advantage (particularly for those unfamiliar with Welsh spelling) of having a ‘play button’ on each page so you can hear the page being read and hear how to pronounce unfamiliar words. A great innovation.


Does this cost extra? How does one subscribe?

The electronic subscription is independent of the paper one - you can subscribe to one, the other, or both – the pricing is also independent, i.e. you pay for each subscription separately. I don’t think there’s a combined subscription available.

The electronic version you subscribe to from within the “Ap Golwg”. You an also buy individual issues of Lingo Newydd from within the app if you don’t want to subscribe regularly, or if you want back issues from before your subscription starts.

Does the ap work for an iPad? It seems to mention only other devices.