Life after level 3

I’m about to complete level 3 (one challenge downloaded and waiting for commute time). I had stopped my subscription because I didn’t fancy the look of the conversations and transcriptions (I want my method of learning to fit entirely within my commute, when I drive and can’t read things) but I’m re-thinking. I seem to recall some talk in a post somewhere about there being an ‘old’ course that could also be done and that it covered different things?

Any ideas?

I’ve looked around the website but can’t find any sign of it. Maybe it can’t be seen without subscribing but I don’t fancy paying a tenner just to find out. I’m more than happy to re-subscribe if someone can tell me that it IS there.

Yes, there is an old course, but you’ll only see it with a subscription. It’s accessed through the ‘Learn’ tab on the top bar.

The conversations in the Advanced Listening can still be listened to for practice even if you don’t use the procedure of checking the written transcription and translation - it’s harder that way of course, but still good practice.

I went to the Old Course after finishing Level 3 and found it very helpful. Of course it starts off much easier than the stuff you’ve been doing in Level 3 but it does cover some things that don’t get explicit explanations in the current course.

Quite early on it goes into the different ways of saying yes and no, which is enormously useful in my opinion (and a conspicuous omission from the otherwise very good current incarnation of the course). Eventually it starts getting into the details around some mutations as well.

It’s a drier and more technical course than the current one, but the extra material makes it worth going through.


I was looking through the old course last night and there’s a lot of new vocab and structures that I don’t know which I’m looking forward to, especially how to say “don’t worry I’m not intending to kick your grandfather” :rofl:




I did the Old Course too, which often tied in with what I was doing on Duolingo.
Did someone say there are transcripts and translations for the advanced material? I haven’t found these but they would be really helpful!

Oh I found the transcripts and translations on the website. Are they not on the app?

Oh now I’ve found the answer to my question by searching for it on the forum. Just in case anyone else hadn’t discovered this yet, they’re only available on the website and need to be downloaded. :blush: