Level one challenge 22


I have just started challenge 22 and I feel as though i have completely lost the plot. There are things cropping up that I don’t remember hearing before ie nagw (as in my mother told me that your mum doesn’t like football). Also dwy ddim?

Are these sneaky little inserts or have I indeed hit my marathon learning welsh wall?



The sentences will sometimes sneak in extra words you haven’t heard before.


I didn’t want to “ping” overnight :slight_smile:
I just thought it might be encouraging to let you know what I learnt with SSiW.

Dw i Ddim was in challenge 5 and 21, but easy to miss.

Fair point regarding Nagw or perhaps nagyw: I think it was thrown in to get us used to it. So, one of the meanings of “na” is “that” before a negative phrase, so sort of that…not. (it comes in agin in level 2 so don’t worry about learning it yet).

If there is a vowel after na (welsh vowels y or w in this case), na usually changed to nag, nac or nad depending on local dialect. So, nag(y)w in this case.

On the big plus side - I found it worth understanding as my Welsh speaking friend in work (Swansea area) uses this nag construction as his natural choice. He told me that it’s slightly dialecty: he uses it at home and when he was a child, his school said it was ok to use it in school, but he had to learn the more formal forms for his exams.

As with English, there are a number of ways of saying the same thing :slight_smile:

Also , as extra back ground (ignore this for now if you want) , my friend uses na in nagwi, nagwe etc for dw i ddim, Dyw e ddim (I don’t, he doesn’t etc). Just to say how it has helped me to understand him.

So I hope that this has helped and not sown confusion. As I said plenty of time to learn it. I completely missed it myself, and my friend explained it to me after I had finished the three levels of challenges :slight_smile:

Onwards and upwards.



Thank you for the reply. It has made it clearer thank you. I thought I had missed the na. I didn’t realise that na rather than bod is used in the negative.

Yes onwards and upwards. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Alan…I think Aran and crew are trying to drive us all mad :smiley:

Echoing DianeO on level 1-22. (Disclaimer: I’m a 68 yr old American with no exposure to Welsh before this course). I felt like my reasonable climb turned into a vertical on 22. I’ve gone back at half speed on several “stoppers” and think I’ve gotten a clue with the help of google translate to verify it might be something like what i think I’m hearing. Many thanks for the clarifications here about use of “na”. Pressing on…

I’m on Level One, Challenge 22! I never thought I’d reach this challenge as I’m easily discouraged. It’s beginning to stick, though. I do not have a set time each day. I practise when the mood takes me. I understand that, at 69, I’m not going to complete one challenge every week. I’m learning to be kind to myself and give myself a rest. I also use the pause button whenever I need to.
At last, I’m enjoying the learning. The greatest pleasure is finding words from my childhood cropping up and I can shout…. “Wow, I remember that.”
This isn’t a race. My aim was to complete Level One by Christmas 2021! I’m on schedule. Sound Cloud and other things are still a mystery to me but I’m thrilled with how much progress I’ve made. Don’t give up. Believe me when I say this. If I can do it, then ANYONE can. Nos da, Pawb! X John Huw Roberts.