Level 3 Southern Welsh

I have just started Level 3, I’m on challenge 1, and am wondering if anyone can help. Around 6.27 minutes in ‘I’d tell you if I could but he didn’t tell me’ . Also I am a bit muddled with the ending of this sentence at around 7 minutes, ‘You’d tell me if it finished wouldn’t you’. Many thanks, I’m always grateful for any help. I also wondered if there are any written transcripts for the challenges, as when I actually see them it makes a lot more sense.

I’d tell you if I could but he didn’t tell meBydden i’n dweud wrtho ti 'sen i’n gallu, ond wnaeth e ddim dweud wrtha i
You’d tell me that it finished wouldn’t you?Fyddet ti’n dweud wrtha i fod e wedi cwpla 'set ti’n gwybod, yn byset?

As far as full transcripts are concerned, I think someone on here actually made them, but I don’t remember who it was, and where one could find them.
If you use Automagic, you can turn on the written text in the options, but I am not sure if level 3 south is implemented yet.

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There are not full transcripts as far as I know, but people have collated the vocab lists into pdfs and if those are any help you’ll find them here - Vocabulary from Challenges

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Thank you for your help. It’s appreciated.

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I’m back again like a bad penny. Still on Level 3 challenge 1 southern. i just need a bit of clarity on the following. At 8.49 min the phrase is ‘I’d rather not talk about it before she tells you what happened’. I’m not getting the last word in particular. Also, at 23.38, ‘Shall we go into town now?’ I know shall we get, but not shall we go.

The last word is digwyddodd
well gen i beidio siarad amdani cyn iddi dweud wrthot ti beth digwyddodd

awn ni mewn i’r dref nawr?

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Thank you so much. I knew digwydd as ‘happen’ but didn’t catch the ending. Also the same with the other sentence. That clears it up for me now. I’ve been getting a few things wrong this week, things I was reliably getting right previously. Just one of those weeks.