Level 3 Challenge 22

At 23:30 we have “I’m finding it hard to believe that you can’t guess who told me that funny story”, so I’d have expected “dw i’n ffeindio…” but the answer seems to be “dw i’n carlyn anodd…” instead of ffeindio, but haven’t come across this before. Is it a SW term?

It’s “dwi’n cael hi’n anodd…”. Cael is a verb with quite a few meanings. Although we’re probably most familiar with it meaning to have (to receive), another of its interpretations is to find.
In this phrase, you could think of it as “I’m receiving difficulty believing that you can’t guess…etc”.

It’s not a regional form as far as I’m aware.

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It’s introduced at around 10:08 in Challenge 23 in the northern course, but in Challenge 20 of the southern course. Which one are you doing, @chris-mitchell ?
If it’s the northern version, it looks like perhaps it sneaked in early if it’s in Challenge 22.

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Ahh, I’m doing South Wales, but didn’t hear it as “cael” so thought it was a local term. Thanks, @siaronjames and @Deborah-SSi !