Level 2 Challenge 6 gytre

I’m very confused by “gweithio gytre” being working at home. I can’t find “gytre” or “cytre” in a Welsh dictionary, not even the Dweud eich Dweud one that has lots of colloquialisms in - so is it just the same as “cartref/gartref”, or does it mean something else?


Yes, it’s the same as cartref/gartref, but spelt as it sounds in dialect.


Thanks, Siaron!

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Thancs forr bringin vis too are atenshun Criss as Aye fink it iz not good for the langwidge to have “speek az yoo say” bicum normle and acsepterbull in rittan langwidge. Aye hav notist vat vis iz mawn maw commern. But seriously, it is happening a lot and I think that people don’t want to criticize it because they think that will get in the way of promoting the Welsh language, or they think that correct Welsh spelling is for posh people and the elite (possibly overstating the case). But I think the opposite is true. I hope this is not controversial, but you have highlighted a real issue, Chris, by my observations as a learner, so thank you.