Level 2 challenge 2 totally confused

Really struggling with this one. The instructions say the welsh for ‘yourself’ is ‘eich hunain’. Then goes on to ask ‘What are you going to do yourself?’ We were told in level one ‘What are you going to do’ is ‘Be wnei di’ so I said ‘Be wnei di eich hunain’ but is says something like ‘Be dach chi mynd I wneud eich hunain’. Where does the dach chi come from and what does is mean?
It then goes on to ask ‘did you have a good time yourself’ and ‘did you enjoy yourself’
Again I said ‘gest ti amser da eich hunain’ and ‘wnest ti fwynhau eich hunain’ I can’t quite make out what the welsh should be as it isn’t in the vocabulary list but it’s nothing like what I said.
Totally confused, any help much appreciated
(sorry for any spelling mistakes)

The main stumbling block here is that there are two "you"s in Welsh. One is ti, used for people you know well, in informal conversations. In level 2 another “you” sneaks into the mix: chi - this is used for people you don’t know well, or if you are talking to more than one person. eich hunain is the “yourself” corresponding to chi, so the rest of the sentence has to be a “chi”-sentence as well, so you get:
Beth dach chi’n mynd i’w wneud eich hunain? for What are you going to do yourself?
The dach chi is just the formal/plural form of you are.
You could also use your sentence, if you use the corresponding “yourself” dy hun:
Beth wyt ti’n mynd i’w wneud dy hun or using the short form Beth wnei di dy hun.
And you could also use the short form in the plural, giving you
Beth wnewch chi eich hunain?

The other sentences are correct if you end them with dy hun:
Gest ti amser da dy hun? and Wnest ti fwynhau dy hun?
The corresponding “chi”-forms would be
Gaethoch chi amser da eich hunain and Wnaethoch chi fwynhau eich hunain

I hope that helps to ease your confusion :slight_smile:

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This tripped me up as well. Level 2 starts throwing in the polite/plural form without much warning. You’ll get used to it, though. The first 2-3 challenges of level 2 were nightmarishly hard for me, to the point that I briefly considered quitting, but it did get easier again by about challenge 4 or so, when my brain started to grasp the new information.

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Thank you Hendrik that does go a little way to explaining it. And Alan thanks for sharing that. That is exactly how I am feeling now

Hi I’m also struggling a bit with this challenge too but trying to trust the process. Glad I’m not alone