Level 2 Challenge 2 ferch vs plant

Very confused by the question at about 7 minutes in, where it says “Are those your children”, and the answer seems to be “Y ferch fan hi yw rhiena?”

What does this mean - why ferch and not plant?

In the northern course at least, it’s

Ai eich plant chi ydy rheina?

Ai seems to be used as a way of turning a statement into a question, so it’s literally: (Question marker) your children are those?.

Does that help?

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Thanks, David - however, I’m doing the Southern course, and it definitely seems to be “Y ferch”, which I thought meant specifically “girl” rather than “children”.

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I’ve just checked, and what you’re hearing as “Y ferch fan hi yw rhiena?” is actually “Ife’ch plant chi yw rheina?” (ife’ch = ife eich)


Ooooooohhhhhh!!! Thank you! “Ife’ch”, not “y ferch” - got it!

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