Level 2 Challenge 15


I cannot work out one word in the phrase

Are you sure that’s the best thing to do

Wyt yn siwr (tao) dyna’r peth gorau i’w neud

In between SIWR and DYNA there is a word that sounds like TAO but is not in the vocabulary list.

What is this word?

Thanks in anticipation

I am guessing that it is “taw” - it is used as an emphatic “that”


Thank you!

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I assume you have the South courses – the North one uses the synonym mai in this sentence (Wyt ti’n siwr mai dyna ydy’r peth gorau i’w neud?), if I remember correctly.


Oh dear! I think I need @aran. I did that one last night and I presumed that was ‘mae dyna’r peth gorau’ ‘that is the best thing’.

to @GIR-W Croeso to the Forum! You have got to 2.15 and only just found this fount of confusion and knowledge, grammar experts, polyglots and exiles fighting hiraeth (my group!), It is likely that on here you will get an answer to any question posed. Whether it will be right we cannot guarantee, unless it is from @aran, @Iestyn or, on grammar, @garethrking. @tatjana is brilliant at technical stuff. She also comes from and lives in Slovenia, which makes her very special!
How long did you take to get to 2.15?

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Naj živi Slovenija! :slight_smile:


Great! thanks for all the replies and the welcome. Good to join the group!

Well, I started slowly about a year ago but started Level 2 last August and since then have been doing a bit every day. I suppose I spend a couple of weeks on each lesson


That sounds as though you might be aiming at a level of control of each individual session that you don’t need - you might find it an interesting exercise to go the rest of the way through Level 2 without repetitions, and see how that works for you - worst case scenario, you can always repeat on a 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 model instead of 1111,2222,3333,4444…:slight_smile:

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I agree with you that to get an overview of the whole level is a good idea and I do apply that in some other spheres of learning.

At the moment I am happy plodding along, with my cup of tea. I am in a Welsh speaking area and I do get some practice.

Without a doubt this is the best course I have been on.


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Probably the most important thing of all (with any course) is that you’re happy enough with whatever approach you take to keep on taking it…:slight_smile:

I always flag up the options for people who perhaps haven’t considered them - including people reading the thread…:slight_smile:


@aran in 2.15 was it mae or mai which i don’t recall at all?

Helo. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the forum @GIR-W! I’m always so happy to say welcome to those who newly join us.

Thank you @henddraig.

And, yes, I tend to help if/when I can. Maybe the most useful things you might find regarding techy and useful stuff of this forum is thread Really useful “how to” stuff and other great posts where you can find the list of things you can do and how you can do them on the forum (usage of the forum) and also the list of some interesting and learning aiding stuff from reading, practicing, watching etc, etc. If you don’t find the answer there, you are of course always welcome to ask a question and here is always someone to come your way answering it.

Tole je bilo pa prijetno presenečenje! Hvala! (This was a pleasant surprise! Thank you!)

And Graham … I won’t answer your original question of this thread as it was already answered. :slight_smile: I’ll just say Llongyfarchiadau! on L2 C15 … Just two more Challenges and you’d be where I stopped doing Level 2 approximately a year ago. Reminds me I have to continue. :slight_smile:

I don’t recall either but … if Graham is doing southern version then it might be “taw” in deed as @louis says.


With ‘mai dyna’r peth gorau’? Mai. There’s no difference at all in sound, so not too much need to worry about it.

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I totally missed it as a new word! I presumed ‘dyna’r’ as ‘that’ from ‘the there’ and mae meaning is. I dread to think what else I have totally misinterpreted!

Much smoother Welsh session this morning!

Lovely warm welcome yesterday, thanks @aran et al



Very unlikely to be anything important - you could spend your entire time saying ‘dyma’r’ instead of ‘dyna’r’ and people would either not notice or understand anyway. :slight_smile:

Yes … “dyma” is “mine” too. :slight_smile:

Let’s just check, dyma - here, yna - there.
dyma’r - this is, dyna’r - that’s

Well, close enough - but it’s a little more sort of dyma’r = here is/this is, dyna’r = there is/that is… :slight_smile:

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Oh, that’s what I thought I remembered but when I tried looking it up it seemed different! Score one for my old brain! Yay!

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