Level 2 Challenge 15

Yes, I am doing the Southern version.

and to @Tatjana L2 C17 seems a long way off yet. I dare not give an ETA!!


Got to the end of Level 2 yesterday on the 1,2,3,4 model and returned this morning to Challenge 15 and it was much easier.
Thanks for the tip @aran - should have listened to you straight away!



Bingo! That’s a significant win for you - well done! :slight_smile:


Phew! Coming up for air. Have just finished challenge 17. Have been going at it now for 18 months, nearly every morning from 6.30 to 7.
Looking back what a well designed course this is.
Been reading other forums and notice @aran you are involved with the manx language too. Are you involved with all the celtic languages and do you speak other celtic languages?
My next step is to find someone willing to converse with me for say half an hour a week . Might even join in on skype in the autumn. But be warned I have got one humdinger of a stutter which I have had for 72 years!
Starting challenge 18 tomorrow!


I have these two absolutely separate and unconfused in my head — except in “Dyna blant i chi”, where I keep saying “dyma” by mistake. “Here are some children for you.” (“Oh, I couldn’t possibly. Well, alright, maybe just one…”)

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We’ve been doing stuff with Cornish and Manx - I speak a very little Manx, and that’s it for now - although I’m looking forward to getting further with it, and to building courses for Irish and Scottish Gaelic as well…:slight_smile:

Good luck with Skype!


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