Level 2 challenge 1 South

well I’m stuck already! “The eldest told me that you needed something” I got the first part but at the end I can’t fathom is it "rhywbeth yna ti? " “yn i ti?” - I don’t understand that it’s not just i ti- anyone help please- remember it’s South course :smiling_face:

The complete sentence is
Mae’r hynaf wedi dweud wrtha i bod eisiau rhywbeth arnat ti.
It’s not i ti, because that construction only works for needing to do somerhing:
Dw i’n meddwl bod eisiau i ti fyndI think you need to go.

But in the case of needing something the preposition is ar, which is then changed to its personalized form.
Mae eisiau coffi arna i - I need coffee.

ah thanks - don’t remember doing arna - will write it down though in case it pops up again - diolch! :grinning:

You may well not have done it. The course does sometimes throw in words you’ve never been taught, kind of sneak-teaching them :laughing:

To make Welsh even more fun :smile:, prepositions in Welsh have “Personal forms,” so there well be no such word as “arna” ( I haven’t checked. )

If you love grammar as much as do ( I appear to be in the minority :grinning: ), here’s a wiki page where you can find the full list of personal forms including “arnat ti”. (Look under Personal forms)


I’ve never set out to learn them but I do find myself using phrases like “beth amdana ti” = “what about you”, for example.

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I’ve noticed that- kind of backfires if you can’t make out what they’re actually saying though! :smiling_face:

have to admit my heart sank when I looked at the vocab and realised the first few lessons are mostly about kids! But then I thought - wait - just swap “plant” for “cathod” and you’ve got me! :grin: :grinning:

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so - I’d watched one of the SSIW users’ videos where a chap was also a bit disheartened by the topic of children in several lessons. However - I have adapted one sentence to fit in with my circumstances - I pointed at our youngest cat and announced “Mae hi’n llond llaw go iawn!” And she really is bless her! :grin: