Level 1 challenge 2 speaking quicker in the kesson

They seem to be speaking much quicker in the lesson, challenge 2 level 1. Maybe it’s just me. Have been through it twice and still using the pause button a lot, is this normal? I feel a bit deflated as last week I seemed to pick it up quicker.

I seem to forever use the pause button so don’t worry. Just keep going. It will get harder in parts as you go along but keep going you’ll be fine.

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Hey! Ist also took me three times with a couple of days inbetween till i could get to just 80%. And quite often it took me so „long“ to think that I basically shouted out the answer as quick as possible, so that I could just squeeze it in without using pause hahaha . I‘m shure we‘re not the only ones struggling, we‘ll just keep up the work, not worry to much and enjoy!

The first thing I’d say here is don’t feel bad about pausing. On my first pass through a challenge, I pause after almost every phrase. Give yourself permission. It’s not a failing.

The second thing is that I do remember a point early in level one where the gaps weren’t big enough. Even when I knew what to say and began the instant Aran finished, there wasn’t enough time. It’s not just you; the gaps are too short in one or two challenges. It’ll settle down again by challenge 4, if memory serves.

Thank you for the reply. Helpful.