Level 1 Challenge 16 - Someone who told me

I am on Challenge 16 where I am being asked to say, “I met someone who told me…”

I said, "Wnes gwrdd â rhywun ddwedodd wrtha’i…

But Cat said, I think, “Wnes gwrdd â rhywun wnaeth ddweud wrtha’i…”

I can see how this would work if I heard it correctly.

Is it just a variation (“who did say” instead of “who said”)? It just seemed to be dropped in with no warning.

Diolch yn fawr



Yes… :slight_smile:

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Thanks very much for confirming.

I am enjoying the course greatly.


Delighted to hear it’s going well for you so far! :slight_smile:

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Da iawn, Gruffydd - you’re going well there!

We do occasionally drop suff in without warning. It confuses you slightly, but prepares you even more for the “eh?” moments of a genuine conversation, and gives you some flexibility as well. We try not to confuse too much though!


I know it’s an old topic but I just want to say it was a relief finding it. I’d been trying to figure out what the pattern was that caused ddudodd to sometimes become something else in challenge 16. If either one works fine then I don’t need to worry. :sweat_smile:

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This completely threw me last night, to the extent I went back through the vocab lists of the previous 3 or 4 challenges totally perplexed. Couldn’t find it and as with most of the things I don’t entirely understand I just go with what the course wants me to do.

Good to come across this topic though and learn it’s nothing to worry about.

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I just did exactly. Thank heavens for the forum!

I’ve just been baffled with this too- but looks like our way of translating it is just different but still correct? C’mon now after challenge 14 we don’t want any nasties! :grin: