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I am very much enjoying my SSIW journey. I was born in Wales to a Welsh father and an English mother. We moved to England when i was 3 and half, apparently I only spoke Welsh but that is now all forgotten and I only speak English :frowning: (there were issues with my siblings struggling with learning at school after having only learned in Welsh to that point, and some bullying so my parents decided it was just easier if we all spoke English all the time as my mum does not really speak Welsh - it has been my dad’s biggest regret). Anyway, I digress… what I would love is to be able to dive back into past lessons knowing what they cover - for example I might want to revisit learning around how to say the different forms of “will/bydd” but all I can see are the lesson numbers and unless I’ve noted what the lesson is about when doing it (which I haven’t because I do them while driving, I’m using the app), I have no idea which lesson to go back to. I should note this is in the old lessons, I know the new lessons have a helpful vocab sheet, which I think is a great addition and solves this problem - but I am currently doing the old lessons. Is there a list anywhere???

There are some pdfs for the old South course on this thread: Vocab List for Old Course 1 (South)
despite the thread title, the other old levels are there too. I can’t remember seeing any for the North course, but I don’t think they differ too much in subject, just some differences in forms.

Alternatively, you can find vocab guides by going to the ‘Learn’ tab at the top. Here’s an example

Will that help?

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