Lesson 14 is annoying me!

fy mrawd is my brother - OK. But my brother works with your sister is “Mae fy mrawd yn gweithio efo dy chwaer”. Why is the “mae” there? And when do you use “brawd”? And why is it wnaeth fy mwrad gyfarfod and not wnes i gyfarfod ? I am having a bad day - it was going so well I thought!


Lesson 14 annoys everyone!

Mae is the present tense form of ‘bod’ (to be) and it is the ‘is’ in the sentence - “my brother is working with your sister”, even though in English we shorten it to where the ‘is’ disappears “my brother works with your sister”.

Brawd is the word for brother, but because it begins with a b it will mutate in certain cases and ‘fy’ (my) is one of those cases - it’ll change a b to an f.

“wnes i gyfarfod” is “I met”, but you’re not talking about you, you’re talking about your brother, so rather than the 1st person form (wnes), you need the 3rd person form (wnaeth)

Don’t worry - it’ll take time but it will click. Lesson 14 is infamous!


Yes, I confirm! :dizzy_face:
My trick was just reaching the end somehow and just move on.
When I tried to do it again months later it was amazing to see how easy it seemed - and that’s because those words and structures will come back in next challenges and get familiar in the end. :wink:


there is no lesson quite like 14…


I quite agree about 14 but I have also struggled with 12 & 13, hopefully it will get better next week. Onwards & upwards, I am not giving in.


I am currently on lesson 14 and have found it difficult to get my head round it. But I know I am not struggling on my own. Laraine


Struggling with 14 also - i keep wondering where ‘sydd’ has vanished to! Strangely, i enjoyed the infamous 13 but 14 is taking some work. I should be on 15 this week but I’ll get there. I’m struggling too with the physical pronunciation, especially with things like ‘wnaeth fn mrawd’ - it’s not a natural sound for an English speaker, a bit of a tongue twister! (Similarly with arall) Will get there though!


I did 13 today and will do 14 while I’m cooking dinner tomorrow. I had no idea it was so infamous.
I’ll let you know how I get on.

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