Learning welsh

I have been learning welsh now for about six months. My problem is that I have nobody to speak it with. As I live in California.I also found out that both my great grandparents were born in england not wales so I guess I,m not welsh after all even thow my last name is jones. But I really love learning welsh and I will keep trying no mater what it takes Flint

Hi Pete,

Good on you!

There are a number of regular on-line SSiW learner events via Google Hangout, and you are sure to find someone to speak Welsh with there! Do you receive the regular newsletter? The Hangouts are listed there, but just in case, here is the list:

Virtual (Internet) Meet ups

Virtual Meetup USA - using Google+, twice monthly (1st and 3rd Weds), at 9pm U.S Eastern Standard Time Zone / 2am West European Time. (Contact Lynn B. E. Jencks to find out more)

Virtual Meetup Intercontinental - using Google+, twice monthly (2nd and 4th Sat), at 8am U.S Mountain Time / 9am US Central Time / 10am US Eastern Time / 3pm West European Time/ 4pm Central European Time (Contact Lynn B. E. Jencks to find out more)

Virtual Meetup Australia - using Google+, first Thursday of the month, 8:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) (Contact Elizabeth Jane Corbett through the forum for more information)

Permanent SSiW Google Hangout: https://plus.google.com/events/cdcmvsv55df4nukk0q53h00ia9o?partnerid=gplp0 (send me a PM to be added)

And here is another extract which sounds like just the thing for you:
Welsh learners in the southern USA

Here’s a request from Trey McCain who lives in the US. He’s looking for Welsh learners across the pond but I’ll let him explain:

I’m looking for Welsh learners here in the South to interview for an article I’m putting together. I’ve interested in people’s stories, how they came to learn Welsh and what drives their interest. If you live down South or know other Welsh learners who do, I’d love a chance to talk.

So if that’s you, why not get in touch with Trey and let him know how you came to be interested in learning Welsh. You can contact him through the forum by clicking on his name and sending a private message or just leave a post for him at:


And don’t worry about not being Welsh. Chances are your ancestors in England spoke something very close to Welsh if you could go back far enough.