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Is there anywhere to buy Welsh flashcards for helping a new learner? I tried WH Smith but unfortunately they didn’t have anything at all for welsh beginners not even a GCSE book. Diolch.

Theres definitely a few options on Amazon though you might want to read the reviews and check they have the right sort of content. I’m pretty sure theres some on the google play store and probably anywhere else you download apps. Hope that helps


Try the free memrise app and check out their community decks. There are loads of Welsh decks there, including some Dysgu Cymraeg material but also lists like the top 150 Welsh verbs.

Ankidroid is another free app with Welsh decks. It’s not as glossy, but you can create your own decks, which is really helpful.

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Thanks for your help :grin:

I downloaded that app. There is no dysgu gwmraeg

They exist, memrise just makes it hard to find them. Here are the Welsh courses: https://app.memrise.com/courses/english/welsh/


The Quizlet app has loads of Welsh vocab lists as well

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Some courses on Memrise are better or more complete or more accurate than others. All are created by volunteers. I would recommend anything by rmcode, the tutor who was one of the creators of the duolingo course. Also Sarigne has produced complete vocabulary for Mynediad, Sylfaen and Canolradd. Chwareus has produced useful specialised lists - 150 Welsh verbs, More Welsh verbs, 150 useful Welsh adjectives, everyday Welsh nouns.
If you follow the link posted by @caroline-18, it is easy to browse on the website. I don’t know what the ap is like.


I should have added that Quizlet has a flash card facility which can be used with existing vocab lists - or with your own lists. I have found it very useful .

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