June 29th meetup at Sain Ffagan, Cardiff

I will be visiting Cymru in June and July. On Thursday, June 29th, @jane-holland and I will be at Sain Ffagan, the National History Museum of Wales in Cardiff, all day and would enjoy meeting up with other Welsh learners in the area. We’ll be in the entrance area at 2 pm, where I understand there are tables and chairs.

If you’d like to join us, please reply or DM me. If it would be easier for you to meet us in the morning, let me know that, too, and Jane and I can probably arrange it. No commitment - we’d just like to know who might come.I’m really excited about the trip–my first!–and hope to meet as many of you in person as I can.

Note: For those of you who spend more time on Slack than the Forum, I’m Anne_in_Virginia over there.

@CatrinLliarJones rhywbeth i’r cylchlythyr wythnos nesa :slight_smile:

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, We chatted on Slack a few times several times a few years ago, would be good to see you. I will not be at Sain Fagans on 29th but lives in Pembrokeshire now so possibly we could meet up somewhere in Wales during your trip. Let me know your itinerary.

Hello, Di! I certainly remember you and have been wondering where you were. I know you were moving house. I will be in Sir Benfro (Solfach) with Jane Holland June 25-27. If you can be last-minute-ish, I’ll be meeting her on June 24, after my course at the Nant. She has some Welsh speaking practice activities lined up for us already., and I can see if we’ll be anywhere near your home. Where are you in Sir Benfro?

I fly out this afternoon, so it may be a couple of days till I can respond. I’ll be in Cymru from Saturday the 17th on.

Hi Di,
It would be great if you can meet up with Anne and I in Sir Benfro.
We are planning on visiting Fishguard on Monday morning 26th, and Solva on Tuesday 27 th afternoon . You’d be very welcome to join us or if you let us know where you are maybe we could meet somewhere close to you either Monday or Tuesday

Sutmae Anne, dw i ddim wedi cwrdd a ti ar lein, ond hoffwn i ddod i Sain Ffagan i ymarfer siarad gyda dysgwyr eraill.

Brian, we’d enjoy meeting you at Sain Ffagan. Jane and I will be in the entrance area between 1:30 and 2 pm, with at least one other person from SSiW. No carnation in my lapel, but I will be wearing a friendship pin with the flags of the U.S. and Cymru. And my hair is white now, not auburn–I need a new avatar!

As the day approaches, Jane and I have settled on a final schedule for those who would like to meet up at Sain Ffagan. We’ll be near the entrance at 11 am and 2 pm. Mae croeso i chi i gyd ymuno a ni!

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