June 2017 Bootcamp [Will not be running]

Good evening!

Who fancies a spot of bootcamp action at the end of June?

I have penciled in a week in the Ganolfan Tresaith for June 24th - July 1st.

I’m only going to leave this here for a couple of weeks (A Welsh couple - slightly less precise than an English couple, ie could be a little more than 2), so if you want the June date, let me know as soon as possible.

For anyone wondering, here is a brochure put together by a group of bootcampers from a July bootcamp about 3 years ago. It’s a brilliant description (although sadly, corracling on the Teifi was an aboslure one-off!) and will certainly give you a taste of the week:
Bootcamp Guide v2.pdf (2.4 MB)


Hi Iestyn, because I now have to change my plans again, I’m wondering about Bootcamp dates for may June, is there’s just the one? If there is one in May I will do both if there is. I’m definitely interested in the June camp anyway. Thanks for being patient with me.

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Hello Iestyn. We’re a family who are all learning, and I’m wondering if we might all get through the pre-requisites by then. (Otherwise one a bit later or next year) The brochure is great, thank you to those who made it. It sounds perfect.
Please it possible to bring our children with us on Bootcamp?

Ooof. I definitely want to get out there this summer but I already have lots of plans revolving around the week of July 4th, which includes the weekend before. It’s an important tradition for my family in Massachusetts and Maine to get together and drink heavily enough to forget about how much we hate each other’s politics and gradually try to take each other out in an obscene display of fireworks and alcohol poisoning, the survivors reestablishing those delicate familial bonds designed to delay disowning of the whole lot until the following year when we repeat the entire bloody trial again.

If there is a late July/August boot camp then I will be there with bells on (there may be no bells)!


Yes - I am in! Let me know when the link is up, or if I have missed the boat again!



@lynne_freudigmann - there won’t be a bootcamp in May - May just gets too busy as it is with Eisteddfod yr Urdd for the kids and all the work that goes into preparations etc.

@RichardC - no you haven’t missed the boat. I’ll be keeping this thread open for a fortnight or so, and seeing if there’s enough interest to run a June bootcamp. If not I’ll cancel the pencilled in booking, and we’ll move on to anotehr date. Any opening / closing / booking etc will be on this thread, so as long as you are getting notification from the thread, and / or the weekly email, you won’t miss a thing

@aliceyaxley The whole “families on bootcamp” thing is something that we want to work out. We keep threatening a family bootcamp, and can mever quite work out the logistics.

There are two things that make the bootcamp work - the fun, fairly stress-free holiday atmosphere, and the Welsh-only rule. Having kids on the holiday can be a great boost to both - which is why ours are always there or thereabouts.

The problem comes when you look at the detail. For instance, are you certain that your kids will keep to the Welsh only rule? It’s difficult for adults to do (and some adults do break it from time to time, which causes all sorts of tensions and problems, and if a child refuses / gets too tired / has stuff to say that is genuinely too difficult for them to say in Welsh at the moment, then what can you do about it? Are you as a parent able to say “no, I’m not listening to you, you’re talking English”? Is it possible to keep a child speaking Welsh for a whole week if they only have a limited vocabulary? And what are the ramifications for the bootcamp if there is a break down of the Welsh-only rule from a child?

Also, the bootcamp timetable suits adults, but how would we fit the kids in? Most of our day time activities are probably interesting enough, but there are the logistics of pub visits and bed times and food times etc to work around. Our kids stay at the ganolfan with Cat, or sometimes stay at home (it’s not really worth bringing them from school to Tresaith just to have food, go to bed, and wake up early for school next morning).

This is not a “no”, this is a whiteboard “thinking aloud” as to what issues we would have to overcome. It could be that a whole family would involve mam on Bootcamp, dad on child duty one day and vice versa the next, with neither parent getting the full benefit, but the kids getting an invaluable insight into adults learning things / stuff happening in Welsh etc.

As a starter to explore possibilities - Who is “the whole family” and what ages are we talking about here?



I LOVE THIS GUIDE 1000 % (and beyond). Whoever put their effort into it it’s much more than BRILLIANT! I’m sorry it wasn’t there before. Despite I won’t be there this year and despite I’ve already experienced bootcamp once I’ve downloaded the guide for the pure loving of it as a whole (design, how it’s put together …). Who knows, it might come handy one day again. :slight_smile: (I will surely forget what to bring in time). I didn’t go to look at yet, but did you put the link into FAQ section of Bootcamp? It just has to be there.

And (I’ll say this over and over again): People, if you have a chance and can afford it, go for it, learn and have fun.

(no more spoilers and inerruptions from here (from me)).


Yes! I’m psyched! Can’t wait to meet Iestyn and Kat after hearing their voices in my ear for all these months.


I would definitely be interested. I have to double check dates with my family, but I’m 90% sure I’d want to book if there was a bootcamp that week.

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I’d be interested in coming to this also - can commit if / when it is made definite!

Hi Iestyn,
Yes please, I’m interested in a bootcamp in late June.

Hello - I’ve just spotted the July bootcamp which is now full. Is this June date still an option, or has it been scrubbed?



Tagging @iestyn :slight_smile:

Hi @RichardC

With only 5 people interested in the June date for bootcamp, I think I’m going to say no. Thank you to everyone who’s expressed an interest.

July is not full - we haven’t opened bookings yet - I shall have a look at the bookwhen page to see how I can show what bootcamps are full and what bootcamps are just not opened yet. Thank you for pointing that out!

So, I have opened a page for the July bootcamp here: [Sold Out] July 2017 bootcamp For anyone who’;s interested, just put your names down there, and we’ll get moving on the booking page as soon as there are enough people.