Jumping ahead

I’m finding the weekly lessons are just right for me, but a friend of mine has recently signed up to SSiW. She was born in West Wales and spoke Welsh as a child, but feels she’s very rusty at speaking Welsh (she can still understand spoken Welsh, but needs practice in speaking it herself), so she signed up for the weekly challenges. Her issue is that the early challenges are far too easy for her as she already has a pretty good level of Welsh, and I’d assumed that if you mark challenge 1 as done, you can move onto challenge 2 and so on - but apparently not. When I tried this myself I can see she’s right - I’m on week 35 and can go back to previous weeks, but if I mark it as “Done” I don’t get the option to do week 36. Is there a way of jumping ahead for those with a good level of Welsh in the first place?

With a subscription you can access all the challenges from a browser by clicking on ‘Learn’ in the top bar of the forum page and choosing ‘Challenges’. You can then move through them (forwards and backwards) at any pace you want.

Hi, Sharon - I don’t get that in my browser. I can access all the previous weeks, but not future challenges (see screenshot).

Even if I mark this week as “Done”, I don’t get the option.

On the actual forum page do you see the ‘Learn’ at the top? That’s where you need to go to see all the challenges.

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Ohhhh, thank you! I’ll let my friend know - she’ll be very happy about that!

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