Is Llandudno in England

I am staying at The Grand Hotel in Llandudno. I am amazed that the tv in my room has every channel imaginable except S4C and BBC Wales. Have they transferred Llandudno into England without us knowing?

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Oh same happened to me in an Hotel in the South. I (gently) complained about it before leaving and in my review on Booking (that apart from that was actually a very good review, cause it was a fine place and the staff was great). I guess it’s worth letting them know!
if you’re curious, details are here:

I expect it’s some cable service where they’ve chosen the channels and chosen not to have the local channels. Definitely complain.
This surprises me as I was told, a few years ago now mind, that all the hotels in Llandudno with Welsh names were run by non-Welsh whilst those with English names were run by Welsh people.



I live about 500 yards away from where your at now and NO they havnt gone and relegated us to england


And i’m a sparky and do most of the hotels in town here… Including their telly set up’s.
They assume that most holidaymakers are from england and want their normal TV.

LLandudno isnt renowned for the amount of Welsh speakers here… I’m hoping to change that…

No it’s a myth…
Im a Sparky and have worked in most of the Hotels here for the last 35 years
Most owners are english… and almost none of the staff speak Welsh… (Loads speak Polish)
LLandudno isnt a town that promotes the welsh language. Most think it’s dead and should stop.
No shops use it.

As i said in another post. My neighbours Mum was in Asda and spoke Welsh to her friend and someone set on her for it. Calling her names and other abuse for speaking it.

(Not wishing to be controversial, but it isnt hard to see why they dont like most english,
even i dont now and I’m english myself).

Hence my burning desire to learn it after all these years. :smiling_imp:


In fact @RobertMorgan

If you’ve been on this course for a while you probably speak more Welsh than 80% of the town…

The only thing Welsh about LLandudno apart from the cheap Chinese nik-nak souvenirs is a really nice Welsh Bookshop down on Madoc Street.

It’s very sad really… All the people i pass on the street that I hear speak Welsh is visitors not locals

You know how it is when you read something back. and think i could have worded that better… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

What i said in brackets in the post before could be seen as a bit provocative…

What i meant was those people who are so abusive to the culture even though they live here…
and those people do exist im sorry to say. And for the life of me i cant understand why…

I suppose you get people in all areas that behave like that… and im sure it could happen across the borders…

Please dont think i meant anyone on here… We’re all embracing a culture… and respect it.

I’ve never been more welcomed anywhere than in Wales, and after all of this time hearing the Welsh accent and language just means ‘Home’ to me…
and it annoys me when people abuse it… whoever they may be or wherever they come from…

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


And yet, ironically, we have often watched S4C in London! Any TV that is internet enabled allows you to watch programmes in Welsh.


And I do about 99% of my S4C watching, and Radio Cymru listening, in England as well. Thanks to the good old t’internet, of course.